If you were ridiculed when trying something new in the past, it can feel vulnerable to try new things now.

Sometimes, we need healing support to leave a frozen / stuck state and feel safe opening ourselves up to trying a new thing now.

And, sometimes, all we need to create enough inner safety to step out of our comfort zones is to lovingly acknowledge our Voice of Doubt.

I call the voices that scream— “Yeah, but…” and “What if…?”—the Voices of Doubt.

We each have a Voice of Doubt within ourselves. And other people can doubt us as well.

All Voices of Doubt have a positive intention.

  1. They fear our needs won’t be met if we proceed.
  2. They fear we’ll betray someone or something important to us.
  3. They’re trying to keep us safe.

When the Voice of Doubt pipes up, our task is not to ignore it but to turn toward it with love and kindness.

Then, get curious and ask your doubt the following questions:

  1. What does your Voice of Doubt fear will happen?
  2. Who or what does it fear you’ll betray?
  3. What need must be honored for you to feel safe enough moving forward?

May you find all the support you need to honor your needs and walk courageously toward your callings.


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