Hi! I’m Katherine Golub, MBA, PCC (she/her).

Since January 2013, I’ve coached hundreds of community leaders, organizers, activists, and people who work hard for social change, helping my clients resolve workplace conflict, experience greater joy and ease, and make the contributions they long to make.

I hold an MBA in Collaborative Leadership from Marlboro College and a Professional Certified Coach certificate from the International Coach Federation, and I have trained in fields related to personal and professional transformation for over fifteen years.

As an activist for over twenty-five years, I know how much energy social change work demands. It hurts my heart to see so many people get mired in infighting, show up less-than-effectively, or leave the fight altogether.

Calling & Courage Learning Community

I am fiercely committed to helping social changemakers cultivate the emotional capacity to sustain their energy, delight in their work, and achieve lasting change.

You deserve a clear picture of my background before we collaborate, especially in this age of misinformation, when anyone can call themselves a “coach.” With that, let me share a bit about my personal story, my professional background, and what qualifies me to do this work.

My Early Activist Roots

I first became politicized as a high school senior while learning about US foreign policy in Central America.

During college, I founded the Progressive Students Alliance on my campus, organized students against the war in Iraq, tuition hikes, and sweatshop procurement, accompanied grassroots organizers in Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras, and directed the CT Citizen Action Group’s field canvass. After graduating, I worked with UNITE HERE!, the hotel workers’ union, lobbying for fair organizing rights for new hotel workers.

I loved the thrill of activism, but the work took a toll. I based my self-worth on how much I accomplished (which never felt like enough), neglected my relationships, and struggled with chronic anxiety, migraines, and other health problems.

A voice inside begged me to pause and listen to what I needed, but the part that told me I wasn’t doing enough always won out. So I ignored my needs and continued to work all day, almost every day.

That was until a series of wake-up calls compelled me to stop and shift paths.

First, I got the call that my partner, who was undocumented at the time, had been racially profiled while driving to work. He was deported back to Mexico six months later. A few months after he returned to Mexico, I discovered I was pregnant.

In January 2008, I left my union job and moved to Oaxaca, Mexico, seven months pregnant.

How I Became a Coach

With my baby in my arms, I grappled with how to create a career that honored my needs, my son’s needs, and the world’s needs.

I decided to follow a call to become a birth doula, childbirth mentor, and yoga teacher, supporting new parents on the rite of passage to parenthood. I loved this work, but when I moved back to the States in 2012 as the single mom of a four-year-old, I could no longer work on-call as a doula.

And so, to accompany clients through similar personal transformations (but during school hours so that I could be with my son), I opened my full-time coaching practice in January 2013.

Mexico walk with Kai

My Professional Training

Since my early years as a birth doula over fifteen years ago, I’ve engaged in tons of training with incredible teachers in diverse fields. I earned an MBA in Collaborative Leadership and my Professional Certified Coach certificate. You could say I’m a personal transformation and systems change nerd.

Read below to learn more about the methodologies and training I weave into my work.

One: Developmental Coaching & Personal Transformation

Developmental coaching is a structured, consistent, and dynamic partnership that helps clients achieve their goals now while developing the skills and habits they need to keep achieving their goals long into the future. To learn more about my professional coaching services. Click here.

To view the professional training related to developmental coaching and holding space for personal transformation, click here.


  • Neuroscience & Resonance Trainings, Sarah Peyton
    • Toward Beloved Community: Understanding Us & Them
    • What’s Mine to do? Vision, Action, & Mourning in the Face of Collapse
    • First Aid for Trauma
    • Dismantling Perfectionism
    • Warmth for Disillusion: The Traumas of Political Disaffection
    • Healing Imposter Syndrome
    • Re-Enchantment
    • Healing the Long Shadow of Shame: What Can Resonance Bring?
    • The Neuroscience of Overwhelm
    • Alarmed Aloneness: Healing Anxiety & Loneliness with Resonance
    • Transforming Blame into Mourning
    • Autonomy: Differentiation, Agency & Existence
    • Blame & It’s Antidotes
    • Burnout, Resonance, & Resilience: Bouncing Back Faster
    • Intuition: Developing Inner Knowing with Empathy
    • Why is Self-Compassion So Difficult
    • Boundaries & Empathy: How to Move Toward Healthy Differentiation & Linkage
  • Resonant Healing 101: Untying the Knots of Trauma, Sarah Peyton
  • Secure, Carmen Spagnola


  • Converge Conference, International Coach Federation
  • Presence-Based Coaching I (repeated for continuing education)


  • Professional Certified Coach, International Coach Federation (certificate held since 2017)
  • Presence-Based Coach Certification, Presence-Based Coaching


  • Hypnotherapist Certification, Peter Blum


  • Health Coach Certification, Institute for Integrative Nutrition


  • Apprentice in the Four Agreements, Allen Hardman
  • Simplicity Parenting Facilitator Certification, Simplicity Parenting


  • Advanced-Level Childbirth Mentor and Doula, Birthing From Within

Birth Story Listening, Birthing From Within

Two: Mediation, Group Facilitation, & Conflict Resolution

At the root of many of my clients’ struggles is a challenge to overcome interpersonal disagreements and conflict in their workplaces, movement spaces, and personal lives. These trainings inform both my work as both a facilitator and a coach.

To learn more about my training in the fields of mediation, facilitation, and conflict resolution, click here.


  • Social Justice Mediation, the Social Justice Mediation Institute


  • Resonant Language, Sarah Peyton & Jaya Manske
  • Juicy Relational Skills for Emergence, Sarah Peyton
  • Contact Nutrition, Carmen Spagnola


  • MBA in Collaborative Leadership, Marlboro College, 2018


  • Essential Facilitation, Interaction Institute for Social Change
  • Art of Hosting, Weekend Retreat


  • Convergent Facilitation, Miki Kashtan
  • Council Facilitator Training, Ways of Council


  • Mediator Training, Community Action


MotherWoman Group Facilitator Certification, MotherWoman

Three: Somatics

Soma is a Greek word that means the body, mind, heart, and soul together in their wholeness, and somatic practice engages the body as the primary site of transformation.

Since becoming a yoga teacher in 2009, I’ve integrated a body-centered approach into all I do to help my clients access inner wisdom, get unstuck from repeating and limiting patterns, develop new habits, and experience greater aliveness.

Most of the trainings I list in the other categories are also somatically informed. To view my early professional training related to somatics, click here.


  • The Resilience Toolkit, Level One


  • Embodied Anatomy, Ellen Heed
  • Intro to Craniosacral Therapy, Don Ash
  • Somato-Emotional Release I, Upledger Institute
  • Training for Doulas, Luna Maya, San Cristobal, Chiapas
  • Craniosacral Therapy, Levels I & II, Upledger Institute
  • Craniosacral Therapy for Infants & Pregnancy, Carol Gray
  • Lactation Counselor Training, International Lactation Consultant Association
  • Birth Art Facilitation, Birthing From Within
  • Forrest Yoga Mentorship, Fresh Yoga
  • Itsy Bitsy Yoga Training, Itsy Bitsy Yoga
  • Prenatal Yoga Training, Kripalu
  • Doula Training, Warm Welcome Birth
  • Forrest Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Certification, Forrest Yoga
  • Doula Training, Nueve Lunas, Oaxaca, Mexico

Four: Systemic Constellations

Systemic constellations is a potent methodology for healing patterns of intergenerational trauma in families and in organizations and revealing hidden dynamics that are keeping us stuck.

Although less known in the United States, systemic constellations are widely practiced in many parts of Europe and Latin America. They use visual representations of systems—such as our families, workplaces, teams, communities, and parts of ourselves—bring awareness to information that our bodies know but our minds are not yet conscious of.

By bringing light to these hidden patterns, we release long-held anxieties and create space to choose new paths.

To learn about my training in systemic constellations, click here.


  • Advanced Constellations Facilitator Training, Leslie Nipps
  • Resources & Archetypes: Constellations & Neuroscience Series, Sarah Peyton


  • Facilitating Organizational Transformation with Systemic Constellations, Jane Peterson


  • Organizational Constellations Training, Jane Peterson


  • The Death of Patriarchy, Sarah Peyton & Roxy Manning
  • Systemic Dynamics of Organizations, Bert Hellinger Institute of the Netherlands, Jan Jacob Stam & Bibi Schreuder


  • Facilitator Training in Systemic Constellations, Bill Mannle & Ed Lynch
  • Family, Human & Natural Systems Constellations Facilitator Training, Francesca Mason Boring
  • Facilitating Constellations for Individuals, Leslie Nipps
  • Emotional DNA Facilitator Training, Judy Wilkins-Smith

Five: An Anti-Oppressive Lens

As a white, cisgender, neurotypical, able-bodied, queer-though-straight-presenting woman with multiple proximities to power, I am committed to the ongoing work of dismantling capitalist imperialist white supremacist patriarchy, transforming my own internalized biases, and creating a world in which all peoples’ needs are met.

My training has prepared me to support white leaders to see beyond the reactivities and restrictions of their day-to-day work, embody their commitments to equity and justice, and support their organizations to become sites of collective dignity, belonging, and well-being.

To view my training related to anti-oppression, click here:


  • Intensive Seminar, Commonwealth Seminar
  • Local Progress Conference, Local Progress
  • Emerge Signature Candidate Training, Emerge Massachusetts


  • Disruption & Transformation: Creating New Futures for Nonprofit Capacity Building, Alliance for Nonprofit Management Conference
  • The Art of Skillful Facilitation, Presencing Race, Gender & Collective Healing, Michelle Cassandra Johnson, Stephanie Ghoston Paul, Rebby Kern, Tristan Katz & Maygen Nicholson
  • Loving Our Grief, Tema Okun & Michelle Cassandra Johnson


  • Undoing Racism, Peoples’ Institute for Survival & Beyond


Fundamentals of Facilitation for Racial Justice Work, Interaction Institute for Social Change

Much of my learning around anti-racism and anti-oppression has also been in conversation with comrades engaged in on-the-ground activism over the past twenty-plus years.

A few more tidbits from the rest of my life:

1.  In fifth grade, I won the prize for recruiting the most people to buy magazines by biking door-to-door. I still pound the pavement each election season. My mantra is: “I pray with my feet.”

2.  I live with my partner and sixteen-year-old son next to a beautiful community farm and river on the unceded ancestral lands of the Pocumtuck people (Greenfield, Massachusetts).

Kai, my partner— Lin Geng, and me. Graduation celebration!!!

3. I’m as committed as ever to working for social justice. In recent years, I’ve successfully organized to pass immigrant rights legislation, fund our public schools, and elect progressive candidates.

In June 2022, I was appointed my local city council, and elected in November 2023 to a four-year term.

4.  I’m the fourth/fifth-generation descendant of immigrants from Poland, Sicily, and Ireland. And my mother’s mother’s mother’s line is mainly descended from early 1600s English settlers throughout New England.

My ancestors have perpetrated and experienced much trauma and pain. I take my responsibility to do my part to mend this trauma and heal my relationship with my ancestors.

5.  Horoscope: Aries sun. Leo rising. Libra moon.

6.  Myers Briggs: ANFP (a for ambivert): Mediator & Campaigner.

7.  My core values are Love, solidarity, friendship, learning, and wholeness.

And how I pronounce my name (I get this question a lot!)

Oh, the variations! When I was younger, I went by all sorts of names, including Kath, Kat, Katje, Kaatje, Kathcita, Kathomatic, and Kathode. The list goes on. Nowadays, I go by Katherine.

As for my last name, think, “Go, love,” just with a “b” instead of a “v.”

Katherine Golub

Finally, how to contact me and stay in touch…

  • If you’re curious to learn more about how to work with me, I invite you to click on these links to learn more about my professional coaching services and my small group coaching programs—the Career Clarity Group and the Leadership Circle. At the bottom of each page, you’ll find a space to apply for a free discovery session. I’d love to speak more with you!
  • If you’d like to start receiving free support, encouragement, and guidance by email, sign up to receive my weekly Love Letters to Changemakers. I’d love to share them with you!
  • If you have questions about anything else, reach out through my Contact page. I welcome all your questions!

I am wishing you so much ease and joy on your path ahead, and I look forward to being in touch.

In love and solidarity,


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