“Chaos” is a word that my new clients frequently use to describe their struggles. 

They may have grown up in an unpredictable environment, and so chaos became familiar. Or they create chaos as a means to distract themselves from taking a scary step forward in their careers. Or, they have a super creative side that likes to get wild and messy but has a hard time finding a path to bring their creations into the world.

If you struggle with chaos, I want to introduce to you the concept of the chaordic path.

The Chaordic Path

The chaordic path is the line between chaos and order. It’s the space where creativity happens.

If we go too far into chaos, we go into chamos, a place of utter disorder and destruction. We get distracted from our path, lost, and spin out into confusion, like a tornado. If we go too far into order, we shift into rigidity and control. Things get dry, constrained, lacking juice and flow. Creativity cannot survive life at either side for too long.

Instead, we need to learn to dance in the space between chaos and order— in the chaordic path. That is where creativity, innovation, and generative flow happen.

Our comfort with either side depends largely on our experiences growing up. Some of us were raised with too much order and need to learn to find comfort in chaos. Others of us come from the opposite experience. Either way, most of us start off being more comfortable with one side of the polarity or the other. 

We all can learn to feel comfortable with both order and chaos and the space in between.

Being with Order and Chaos

I teach many practices for finding the chaordic path or integrating just-enough order into your life. For now, I want to offer a somatic or body-based practice to help you increase your comfort level with being with both order and chaos.

To do this, I invite you to grab two pieces of paper. On one, write the word “Chaos.” And on the other, write the word “Order.” Place then about five feet apart from each other on the floor, both facing you.

Stand about five feet in front of them, equidistant from both. Then walk, very slowly, in a U shape, coming closer and closer to one, then walking away, and then approaching the other one. Moving very slowly, back and forth, taking time to feel in your body your response to each.

Notice how you feel next to Chaos. And notice how you feel next to Order. Take your time, going back and forth, each time noticing any subtle shifts in your body. 

Do not expect any particular immediate outcome from this practice. However, if you practice with a keen awareness of the subtle shifts in your body, you may begin to notice interesting things. Your comfort level with both chaos and order may increase. Or you discover new things about your relationship with one side or the other. Or, after several rounds of practice, you may notice yourself being able to flow more effortlessly along the chaordic path.

I’d love to hear how this lands with you and what you experience with this practice. Feel free to share in the comments section below.

Much love and best wishes with walking the chaordic path,


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