Have you ever received an incredible gift, fallen in love, or achieved something that you worked really hard for, but instead of relishing the goodness of the experience, you found yourself worrying that what you now had would somehow be taken from you?

Sometimes, receiving what we most desire can trigger scarcity mentality, leading us to spin stories about losing what we have rather than focusing on the fact that we have what we want.  In order to truly enjoy our lives, we need to shift our thinking from a scarcity mentality to living with gratitude.

Recently I had a conversation with a good friend about overcoming scarcity mentality.  My friend had set the intention to find a new partner who was living life aligned with his purpose and was eager to share himself fully.  She worked hard and waited patiently to bring this new love into her life, and about a year later she met a man with whom she had an incredible connection.  The challenging piece for her, though, is that given the nature of his work, he travels often, and his schedule is uncertain.

When I spoke with my friend, she had momentarily shifted away from the initial giddiness of falling in love, and instead, had gone into nervousness about potentially not seeing him much in the future.  In reality, things were great between her and her new guy, and all of her needs were met.  Yet she was stressing out about what she might not have in the future.

As I shared the following process to help her overcome her scarcity mentality, her perspective shifted and her worry eased.

The first step towards shifting out of a scarcity mentality is to compassionately ask yourself what you need in this very moment.

Do you actually have an unmet need right now?  Or, are your needs met, and you’re telling yourself a ghost story that begins “what if…”?

The key is to recognize the difference between having an unmet need now, and simply imagining that you will have an unmet need in the future.  The former requires that you take action on your own behalf.  The latter requires a shifting of stories.

If you have an unmet need, do what you need to do to take care of yourself.  If, on the other hand, your needs are well met in this moment but you are simply worrying about some future “what if” or fearing the possibility that your needs will someday not be met, your next step towards moving past scarcity mentality is to use your self-awareness to change the stories you are telling yourself.

The easiest way to shift away from scarcity mentality is to focus on gratitude.  While scarcity mentality wants to worry about what we might not have, a mindset of gratitude is about giving our attention to what is working, even in the moments when not all of our needs are met.

When I focus on what I do not have or might not have, my eyes lower, my gaze narrows, and I cannot see clearly.  When I shift my attention to what I am grateful for, I lift my gaze to perceive a more complete view of what is and allow myself to fully drink in the goodness of the present moment.

One of the simplest ways to practice gratitude is to take a moment at the end of each day to write down five things you are grateful for.

These may be moments that you enjoyed during your day, aspects of yourself that you appreciate, or, in my friend’s case, things that bring her joy in her new relationship.

Shifting from a scarcity mentality to living with gratitude can be as simple as recognizing that your needs are met in the present moment and shining the light of gratitude on what is working really well right now.

Do you practice gratitude regularly or is a scarcity mentality holding you back from living the life you desire? I encourage you to learn more about life coaching. It can help you get more energy and start living a life in which you feel truly alive.

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