If you’re currently looking for a new job, it’s easy to forget that the jobs advertised online are only a handful of those that are actually available.

Recent studies have shown that nearly 60 percent of jobs are unadvertised online.

Since advertised jobs can attract hundreds of new applications, many employers prefer to opt out of this method to prevent getting an enormous load of applications to sort through. And, to save money, employers cut down on using recruitment agencies. Because of this, you may have no idea that an organization is looking for new staff members, and you might even think that they’re not hiring.

So, how do you find jobs that aren’t advertised? Below are a few tried and true tips that’ll help you learn how to find unadvertised jobs:


Networking is key to finding a job you love. As an incentive to current staff members, companies tend to offer a bonus for introducing a new employee to the company. This helps the company cut down on advertising costs and recruitment agency fees. Plus, this can help workers feel more comfortable at work by inviting their friends to work with them.

To find unadvertised jobs, ask around to friends and family to see if their job offers an incentive for new workers. If it works out, you not only have a well-paying job but you also score a bonus for your friend.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media platforms are a great way to find unadvertised jobs to apply to. All you have to do is follow organizations you are interested in on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Post work-related status updates and keep track of whether they’re hiring or not.

LinkedIn is especially a great social media platform to learn about organizations you’re interested in working for. Plus, your profile doubles as a live resume that organizations can view within seconds.

Seek out Company Employees

Instead of contacting the company directly in the chance of scoring a job opportunity, contact their employees for an inside scoop. You’re unlikely to receive a response from an HR or recruitment manager, but you can quickly ID an employee from Google+ or LikedIn to see if they have any open job roles in the company they work for. If they do, you can quickly send in your application (and the employee you reached out to might even get an incentive if you get the job!).

Look for Job Opportunities on Company Websites

Most company websites have a career tab, in which you can view open job titles that they have yet to fill. You can also view their press releases or blogs to see if they have any employment opportunities available. Make sure you do proper research on the companies you seek out before you approach them and you have a proper resume and cover letter in hand to show your professionalism.

Volunteer With Your Target Organization

If you want to know how to find unadvertised jobs at nonprofits, this is one of the best ways you can get your foot in the door and become known. Volunteer opportunities can often be fun and interesting, and there are a lot of professionals who do volunteer work in their free time. By becoming involved in the nonprofit, you can introduce yourself to the important players in the organization, stay at the forefront of their minds, and be considered when a paid opportunity arises.

Go To Industry Conferences and Trade Shows

These are great places to network as they gather a lot of potential employers in one location. See if there are any upcoming conferences for your industry happening in your area. Do a quick Google search or check out the industry papers. You should also check out your alma mater to see if they offer any career coaching or are hosting any career fairs. These events are open to both current students and graduates. Wherever you go, just be sure to bring plenty of business cards and copies of your resume.

Set up Google Alerts

By signing up for Google News Alerts, you can stay up to date with news from potential employers and get job opportunities sent straight to your inbox. These alerts are fairly simple to sign up for. First, go to the Google Alerts page. Then, type in which industries, companies, and major influencers you want to keep tabs on. When Google finds news containing your search terms, you will receive an email full of new information. This will allow you to be the first person to learn about certain signs that mean hiring is in the future.

Searching through job boards and browsing ads are far from the only ways you can go about finding a new job. There are all sorts of hidden opportunities available to you if you expand your reach and put in the work. From networking to contacting companies directly, there are so many ways you can find a new job. However, if you’re feeling stuck on your journey to finding a new job, it’s important to reach out for help. If you think that career coaching might be the support you need, you can click here to learn more about career coaching or apply for a free discovery session today.


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