Career Clarity Coaching
for Burned-Out Changemakers

You’re tired of feeling exhausted and overwhelmed by everything you have to do and yet never feeling like you’re doing enough.*

You know you need a change but don’t know what to do. Questions keep you up at night. Questions like: Should I get a different job? Should I change careers? Should I start my own thing? Can I do my current work differently and get my energy back?

You long to feel like you’re actually making a difference, but you don’t want to sacrifice your health, relationships, or life to do so. You’re bewildered about what to do next and scared of how a change might affect your life.

More than anything, you want clarity about your next steps so you can stop feeling stuck and start confidently moving forward.

*This is Emily and Amelia Nagoski’s definition of burnout from their excellent book, Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle.

The problem is: Dominant culture doesn’t train us in discernment.

Rather than teaching us to honor our intuition, we internalize all sorts of messages from the dominant culture that cause us to doubt ourselves.

Rather than asking questions that shine a light on what our community needs, we’re taught to seek right answers and perfect solutions. Rather than encouraging us to experiment with our ideas and see what happens, the dominant culture teaches us that we should only take action once we are clear. No messiness allowed.

But the reality is that clarity is an emergent process. Emergence is the process by which something greater than the sum of its parts arises from seemingly unrelated smaller steps. We must take action to get clear.

And along the way, we need three skills to support us.

Three Essential Skills For Getting Clear About What’s Next:

One: The Inside View

To create a life that honors our needs and callings, we must first get the inside view—an understanding of what we need and want, our core values, what brings us joy, and our priority work-life ingredients.

Two: The Outside View

Once we’re clear about what we want, we must get the outside view—an understanding of what the world needs, what people are willing to pay for, and what has worked for others who’ve pursued similar paths.

Three: Gate-Crossing

Along the path to clarity, we come to choice points, gates at which we must close the door to one path to focus on what’s calling us next. Crossing through gates often requires deep inner work, including soothing the inner Voice of Doubt, letting go of shame and blame, and asking for the support we need.

When I started coaching with Katherine, I fit the definition of physician burnout. I was exhausted—physically, emotionally, spiritually. My compassion fatigue felt like an insurmountable barrier between me and those I cared for. And the healthcare system made me feel like a useless cog in a dysfunctional machine.

When I started working with Katherine, I actually feared regaining a sense of hope. I thought that if I started to believe I could find fulfillment and peace, I might set myself up for a huge fall. Despite my initial resistance, Katherine helped me ignite a tiny spark of hope. And this time it was not the naive hope of an idealistic girl. It was a hard earned, realistic hope. I emerged from a dark tunnel of limitations into a wide open space of possibilities.

Katherine helped me discover that I already had all the answers I needed. I just needed a wise partner/guide to help me uncover them and accountability to put them into action. Her process of asking deep, penetrating questions with unconditional positive regard and using the answers to craft practical action steps did more in six months than years of therapy had before.

Ylfa Perry

When I first reached out to Katherine, I was building a private practice as a trauma healing practitioner and struggling to market myself consistently. I felt overwhelmed trying to figure out which tasks to prioritize, and I hoped that Katherine would provide accountability. It ended up being so much deeper than that.

We got to the heart of the inner dynamics that were inhibiting me from marketing myself consistently. It turns out, my inconsistency wasn’t laziness, but tied to deep-seated inner fears. With Katherine’s support, I was able to identify these fears and heal them. As someone who has done a lot of inner work, the depth of the healing I experienced over just six months of working with Katherine boggles my mind!

After years of feeling creatively stagnant, it’s like the dams have opened and my creative energy is flowing freely and abundantly. I feel energized about my mission, excited to share through my marketing, and confident that I can steer my business forward as it continues to grow and expand.

I enthusiastically recommend Katherine to anyone who feels blocked or unsure about which direction to move in next. Her holistic approach will help you get beyond superficial solutions to the heart of what’s holding you back. It’s deep work that will transform your work and your life.

Elena Mamatas

When I first came to see Katherine, I was struggling between starting a new business and not knowing if I was starting the right business. I was looking for a definitive answer to that question. My day-to-day was frantic. I wanted to do so much for so many people. I was having a difficult time charging people a wage that was livable for me. My schedule was dictated by what my clients wanted, not what I needed.

It was a huge plunge for me to hire a professional coach. It seemed frivolous. But after months of trying to fix the problems on my own, I knew if I wanted to make my business work and be successful, I needed some help.

Katherine taught me how to say no and create boundaries. I now have better control over the time that I spend, and I take myself more seriously in my work and my relationships with my clients. My nerves and my being are more settled and comfortable in my life. And now, when life is starting to feel unsettled, I have the ability to change how I respond to it and regain control and a sense of calm.

In nearly every conversation I have with people about my business or their own, I find my natural response is, “You should meet my career coach!” In every session, I had a feeling of being grateful when I showed up and was even more filled with gratitude when I left. I can’t recommend Katherine’s coaching loudly enough.

Marcie Cormier

Before I met Katherine, I struggled with the “fear of getting started,” or what I called FOGS. Katherine taught me to calm my mind and choose my next step with wisdom. I rely on the practices she taught me to manage my workload without feeling overwhelmed and get started on things easily.

Coaching helped me to shift my role at work. Before, I was caught in the weeds doing technical work. Now, I am the point person for a strategic program to increase accessibility in online user experience. It’s fascinating work.

Whereas before, I wasn’t very communicative, I now communicate early, often, and well. Opening myself up to working with other people was key to my current success.

Once my work improved, it opened everything else up too, like family and friendships. It still fascinates me how working on one piece of my life ripples out in so many directions.


In 2018, while preparing for my MBA capstone, I decided to analyze the words my clients use most frequently…

I discovered that the words my clients used most often on their intake forms were clarity, confidence, focus, and balance. So I decided to read all the books I could find about discerning what’s next in your work life, but I didn’t find one that adequately addressed my clients’ concerns. So I decided to write one for my capstone myself.

Ten years into coaching, I’m still passionate about helping my clients heal burnout, get clear about what’s next, and develop the skills they need to keep getting clear long into the future. To learn more about my story, professional background, and the methodologies I weave into my approach, click here.

When I came to Katherine, I felt like I was carrying so much for so many people that I was about to crumble under the weight of the overwhelm. Deep down, I knew I needed to make big changes, but I felt guilty about letting people down. As a result, I experienced mood swings, and I never had time for much of anything that brought me joy.

It was a leap of faith to invest in working with Katherine, as I’d experiencing unfulfilling relationships with therapists before. I wasn’t sure if this would be different. But I knew that I needed to simplify and create the structure so that my work could feel sustainable and nourishing again, so I took the leap of faith. And, I’m so happy that I did.

Working with Katherine helped me learn to trust in myself, honor my needs, find my voice, and know that it’s okay to speak my truth. Katherine gave me the support and encouragement I needed to let go of a significant piece of my work, which was the right step at the right time. It is amazing how different I feel now. I’ve sighed a huge breath of relief. I’ve lifted a weight from my body, and I have a physical sense of freedom and openness in my being.

I now have space in my life to do things I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I know it sounds cliché, but six months after working with Katherine as my online coach, I feel like the world is my oyster, and I’m on the right path.

Annique Sampson

Katherine helped me learn to enjoy being in the driver’s seat while allowing life to show me the way. Our work together began with a desire to further myself professionally. And yet over time, we touched on many aspects of life.

I now feel clear and grounded about my next steps forward. By learning to relax, get quiet, and listen, I awakened to a purpose I could not have predicted. I feel energized and committed to this project in a way that I cannot remember feeling for a long time.

By going after my passion, I’m modeling leadership and bravery to my children. And because I’m now more fulfilled and tapped into what is meaningful for me, I feel a much greater connection with my family and an ability to be present when we’re together.

Katherine helped me to better organize, communicate, set goals, and develop authentic confidence. I now notice the subtleties that make all the difference in reaching my ideal effectiveness, creativity, availability, and satisfaction in my work.

Each session with Katherine gave me the strength to know myself more and embrace the fact that I’m the artist who creates my own path. It now feels natural for me to let the next step on my path to bubble up and to act with creativity, interest, excitement, joy, and fulfillment. I look forward to taking this new connection with my inner truth into other areas of my life and continuing to connect with what truly matters!

Robin McKeon

Although I’d spent a lot of time building my skills, I often felt confused about my next steps before reaching out to Katherine. I was stuck in perfectionism and fear of failure, and my loud inner judge was often in the driver’s seat.

After a lifetime of checking off boxes for other people, I longed to figure out what was true for me and develop the ability to trust myself and show up boldly.

Katherine provided the space, guidance, and kind yet firm accountability I needed to get clear about what is important to me and my next steps toward my vision.

From the beginning of our work together, she was dependable, organized, responsive, and constant wealth of knowledge and support. Her questions and observations always helped me unearth new insights. Having the consistent time to review my progress and celebrate helped so much.

Working with Katherine, I discovered that I have the power to choose—what I do, how I do it, and how I feel about myself and about my circumstances. I developed the courage to put myself out there and try things that I wouldn’t have tried in the past because I was afraid of disappointing myself.

I am now so much kinder to myself, and I comfort myself when I feel discomfort. I trust that I have the practices I need to support my vision for a long time to come.

Oriana Falkowski

Before working with Katherine, I lacked clarity around what I wanted to focus on professionally.

I had multiple interests, but they each tugged at me simultaneously. I had trouble figuring out what my gifts were or how to access them.

I wasn’t sure a coach could help me, honestly, and I thought what I needed to discover would work itself out over time. Financially, I also wasn’t sure I could afford the work, but I took a leap of faith.

Soon enough, the work with Katherine helped me gain clarity.

Even in the earliest stages of working with Katherine, I was able to focus on and articulate specific goals, not just professionally but personally. I was able to see where I created my own roadblocks and get out of my own way. I not only homed in on my greatest passion, but I started to create a plan for how to bring it into reality as a business.

I learned to trust my instincts, stop listening to my fierce inner critic, and create a message for my work that people will pay attention to.

I would without a doubt recommend Katherine to anyone wanting to get clear on what’s next and create a career aligned with their passions and gifts.


I invite you to imagine the possibility of career clarity coaching with me. Here’s what it entails:

One: Coaching Sessions.

We meet twice a month (sometimes more) over the course of six months. In the first month, we craft a detailed personal development plan with personally tailored skill-based outcomes, a next horizon vision, and an embodied commitment statement. In each of the following sessions, we celebrate successes, overcome obstacles, cultivate skills, and set right-sized action steps for the weeks between coaching.

Two: Weekly Check-Ins.

Every week, you write a check-in about where you’re at with each action step. I read what you’ve written and respond with insights to help you move forward. Your reflection practice helps you integrate insights, build skills, and stay accountable.

Three: Unlimited Email.

Many private coaching clients email daily to help them stay accountable. Others write to me to receive support when a challenge arises so they can proceed with clarity and confidence.


Four: Courses & Curriculum.

While we’re working together, you have unlimited access to my courses and workshops.


$600 to $900 per month ($1,000 to $1,500 for the first month). Payment plans are available.

Would you prefer a group coaching program instead?

Click here to learn about my Changemakers’ Mentorship Program, my small-cohort-based program that starts in April.

A year and a half into COVID, I was burned out and emotionally exhausted. I told Katherine that I needed someone else to be in charge for a while, so I was hiring her to be my boss.

Katherine helped me discern which items to prioritize and hold myself accountable for moving projects forward. I reorganized my schedule, revised my website and prices, set up a new accounting system, and developed new practices to regain and maintain my energy.

Katherine helped me recognize what was holding me back from taking care of myself, address deeper lifelong patterns that led to overworking, and recommit to a practice of self-compassion.

Less than six months after hiring Katherine, I no longer feel burned out. Instead, I’m in what feels like a whole new phase of my practice and am enjoying growing the non work areas of my life. I can’t recommend Katherine’s work enough!

Kathryn Cadwgan

I used to feel that I had to work harder to make things happen, but Katherine showed me that being present, pausing, taking a step back, and observing— rather than reflexively “doing” something— was transformational.

Learning to slow down and respond rather than react automatically allowed me to avoid panic during a crisis moment and choose the best path at each point along the journey. My work with Katherine gave me the space to imagine and trust that there could be something different that would be even better, as opposed to just slogging down the same trail pulling the weight behind me forever. And it was true!

My free time is now truly mine, and I am exploring areas of interest that bring me great joy and spending more time with friends and family.

As I set goals for myself over the last few years, the word “freedom” kept coming up. My goal was freedom, and now I have more freedom than I’ve ever had. My goal was to have ease, and I have more ease than ever before.


Since my twenties, I’ve attended seminars about personal growth. None came close to working with Katherine. Her approach helped me develop a better mindset and a practical skill set for starting my own consultancy. She helped me identify and overcome habits that were no longer helpful and replace them with more productive and healthy behaviors.

Now, when facing a difficult choice or juggling too many tasks at once, I refer back to the goals Katherine helped me develop to prioritize and make the right decision. Now I journal daily, which helps me set my thoughts aside for reflection at my leisure. And when things get too intense, I pause and return my attention to my body and mind.

A few weeks before leaving my career of thirty-three years, I had consulting work lined up that was meaningful, lucrative, and within my wheelhouse. I credit Katherine with helping me make my new calling a reality, find more joy and balance in my life, and develop the tools to continue moving forward.

Marc Natanagara

Are you ready to get clear and confident about what’s next?

If so, I invite you to set up a discovery session.

If so, I invite you to set up a discovery session.

First, fill out the form below. Then, we’ll get on the phone for a free, hour-long conversation to discuss your struggles, needs, and next steps.

I’ll be in touch soon—usually in less than two business days. Together, we’ll discern whether one of my programs is a good match.

I look forward to talking with you!

I initially reached out to Katherine because I was a high-achieving workaholic with a very successful career and a young son and needed to figure out how to find some balance in my life. However, as I worked with Katherine, I gained so much more.

Not only have I achieved more work-life balance than ever, but I also gained the courage and self-confidence to let go of things that held me back from being my full self. I learned to listen to my intuition, quiet the inner critic, set healthy boundaries, and am creating space for what I’m most excited about—a budding new entrepreneurial career and a life aligned with my truest self.


When I first started working with Katherine, I was feeling very down and stuck about my writing career. Having gotten an MFA a decade before, I had spent the intervening years building a successful business, but I couldn’t seem to get my own creative work off the ground.

Katherine patiently helped me to tease out the issues holding me back in every aspect of my life and to figure out the conditions that would help me become the writer I wanted to be. We started meeting in December, in January I began writing a novel, and by May I had found an agent for my book!

There’s no question in my mind that without Katherine’s directed, incisive coaching, I would not have been able to move forward as quickly and successfully as I have. I can not recommend Katherine’s coaching highly enough!

Katherine Jamieson

I felt unfulfilled in my current work, unclear on what work I wanted to do, and disappointed in my efforts to obtain a new role at my current company. I chose to sign up for career coaching with Katherine because her approach seemed more holistic—inclusive of the mind, body, and heart—than other career coaches.

Katherine’s kind and supportive guidance and accountability helped me learn more about myself in six months than I had cumulatively in all my years until then. It is not hyperbole: Katherine helped me change myself and the trajectory of my life.

I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking clarity on who they are, who they want to be, and their life’s calling.

Steve Patterson

I reached out to Katherine in the spring of my second year launching a small herbal business. I needed support around a vision for the year and the years to come.

Through a series of helpful exercises during which she encouraged me to dream big, I created a solid plan for moving forward that truly aligned with my beliefs and core values. The weeks following our session, everything began to miraculously line up as my vision become a reality. Now, the line of medicinal ghee that Katherine helped me launch is sold in over thirty stores and production and distribution continue to expand throughout the Northeast.

I am grateful to Katherine for her ability to listen deeply as she supported me embark on the next phase of my business. Her skills as a coach far surpassed any of my expectations. I would recommend those who are ready to step into their unique gifts as a healer to explore a session with Katherine.

Hannah Jacobson-Hardy

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