Finding a new job can seem like an insurmountable task, especially when you desperately need to do so soon.

Even when you’re casually seeking employment, though, you still want to know the best strategies for landing a job. Experts agree that during your job search, networking is perhaps the single most important way you can invest your time.

Gaining Insight

While you can research general information about how to find a job online, you can often get great details about the job hunt by speaking with someone who has already gone through it in person. For example, attending a networking event at your college where you speak with young professionals who have recently found a new job in your field can provide great suggestions for what to do.

Establishing Connections

Networking helps you to connect with people who might hire you or who might recommend you to a manager for hiring. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you are dressed appropriately and that you have resumes available to provide if necessary. Make sure to follow-up on all conversation to thank the individual for speaking with you and to highlight your interest in staying connected.

Getting the Job

A networking event also might directly lead to a job. Some companies might come to the event ready to hire employees or with the thought in mind that they could leave with some prospective candidates. While you may not obtain a position on the spot, a conversation at the event could directly lead to a position later.

Obtaining Interview Experience

While an interview and a networking event are not the same experiences, you can gain some insight into how to speak with people professionally. Having a professional conversation with someone when you want a job is different from casually chatting about a work experience. By speaking with professionals at the networking event, you can learn how to tailor your vocabulary, syntax, and diction to more professional settings.

Learning about the Industry

Even if you have gone to school for a particular degree, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re an expert in the industry. During the networking event, you have the opportunity to learn more about the field. You may have the opportunity to gain hands-on knowledge or to learn about new and evolving theories that could govern your career.

Building Social Skills

Regardless of the type of job that you’re looking for, you likely need some level of social skills. Even if you spend most of your time working alone, you need to ace the interview to obtain the position. By networking with other people, you can better learn how to speak with people in a professional manner.

Networking is so important when you want to find a job. Obtaining a position at a company requires some level of communication with other individuals. Networking events give you the opportunity to do so, and you also get to experience more of the field during the event as well.

If you want help getting over your fear of networking or getting unstuck in your job search, click here to learn more about how career coaching can help. And, when you’re ready, we invite you to apply for a free discovery session to help you get clear on your next steps.


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