Does any of this sound familiar?

  • When I play with my daughter, I find my mind wandering. I have a hard time giving her my full attention.  
  • I just got an iPhone 6, and I am happy for the camera, but I worry how addictive it is.
  • I often kill time texting or on the computer, instead of focusing on what’s most important to me. 
  • I just started reading four different books, and my mind is racing between the topics. 
  • I probably think more thoughts in a day than the average person thinks in a week!     

You are not alone.  If you’re like many of my clients when they first come to me, you struggle with feeling like your mind is scattered and have so many thoughts that you have a hard time focusing your mind on just one.  You want to learn how to get focused so that you can enjoy the present moment more often and feel more connected with your loved ones.

While we know that practices such as meditation and breath awareness can be powerful ways to focus your mind, research also shows that how we organize our life plays a crucial factor in our ability to get focused.

When clutter surrounds you, and you don’t have enough downtime, it can activate the amygdala, triggering a fight or flight system in your brain.  As a result, your mind feels like it’s jumping from place to place, and you feel disoriented, as though you have lost your sense of direction and don’t quite know how to get back on track.

Screens like televisions and computers also activate the amygdala, which is one reason that creating unplugged time is so important.  When you simplify your environment and turn off your screens, you soothe the limbic system of your brain, and you restore an inner sense of calm.

If you want the freedom to live true to who you are, organizing your life is a crucial first step in getting focused.

Here are some suggestions to help you organize your life and get focused on what’s most important:

Schedule downtime:

One of the most powerful ways to focus your mind is by creating downtime and allowing your mind to engage in one activity deeply.  This can look like taking a brief walk, cooking a meal, dancing in your bedroom, reading a book, playing a game, working on an art project, practicing yoga, or writing in a journal.

Prioritize your most important tasks:

Every morning, devote five minutes to writing a list of the three most important things for you to do that day.  If you routinely discover that you don’t accomplish the tasks on your list, find out if you need to set more realistic goals for each day or if you are spending your time on things that drain your time and energy.  Use your self-awareness to make the changes you need to organize your life and focus on your priorities.

Create a morning routine:

Depending on how much time you have, this may be as simple as brushing your teeth, opening the curtains, and mindfully putting on your clothes, or it may entail writing in a journal, practicing yoga, and sipping a cup of tea.  Having a regular morning routine creates an easeful and peaceful beginning to your days and helps you focus on the day ahead.  Make sure to give yourself enough time so that you feel connected to yourself when you walk out the door.

Learn to say no:

One thing I work with many of my clients on is learning to say no so that they can organize their lives around their priorities and get focused on their deep internal “yes!”  At some point in their childhood, many of my clients learned that for people to like them, they needed to say yes to everything.  It can initially take courage to say no, but this is one of the most important steps to getting focused and organizing your life around who you truly are.

Establish rhythm in your life:

One of the best ways to get focused is by developing a sense of rhythm and ritual and programming yourself to do the same mind-focusing practices every day.  For example, when you sit down on the floor with your daughter, always take five deep breaths.  Or, anytime you turn towards your book, phone, or computer, practice stretching your body and asking, “What’s most important right now?”  The most important thing for you at that moment may be looking at your device, or it may be focusing your mind on something else.

Are you ready to get focused on your priorities, honor your intuition, and create a sustainable life that you love? If so, sign up for a free Discovery Session today to get clear on your next steps to creating a life you love.


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