Your ideal working conditions include:

  1. Your ideal schedule,
  2. Where you want to work, and
  3. The people you want to work with.

To discern your ideal working conditions now, I invite you to get your journal and a pen, and write down what arises in response to the following questions. You don’t need to answer all of the questions or write complete sentences. Just dig into the ones that feel compelling or repelling (resistance is often an indicator that there’s something important to explore).

Ideal Schedule

  1. Imagine that you’re living a life that honors your values, vision, and commitment. Your needs are deeply met. And yet, it is an ordinary workday. Write down what happens on that day from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep.
  2. Now, imagine a week in this fulfilling yet ordinary version of your life. Write down what happens on each day of the week.

Where You Want to Work

  1. Where would you like to work? (At home? In an office? Somewhere else?)
  2. Are you willing/wanting to relocate?
  3. How much would you like to travel for work?

Who You Want to Work With

  1. Who do you want to work with (alone, with colleagues, a mix of the two)?
  2. What type(s) of relationship would you like to have with colleagues?
  3. What values or qualities would you like your colleagues and organizational culture to have?
  4. What balance of introvert and extrovert time do you need? (How much alone time would you like, and how much time with other people?)
  5. Do you want to have a supervisor? Be a supervisor? Manage staff or volunteers?

When you’re complete, take a step back and identify any key threads and themes from what you wrote.


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