I invite you to imagine that your plane has just crashed in the middle of Siberia.

What do you want to make sure you have in your backpack?

Even if you have good food and warm socks, if your plane ever crashes in the middle of Siberia, what you’ll really need is a compass you can trust. If your compass is cracked or rusty, or if you never learned how to read it in the first place, you could easily wander in circles and run out of food before you find your way.

When you’re navigating a big life challenge (whether it’s one you choose or not), you can feel like you’ve fallen out of a plane in the middle of Siberia. Lost. Stuck. Hurting. Longing to know where you’re headed and how to get there safely.

The good news is you already have an internal compass, an ability to discern where you are, where you’re headed, when to change course, and what next step to take. An ability to know what is a yes and what is a no, even when you don’t know why you know it.

Your body is your compass.

Our bodies are extraordinarily sensitive navigational systems that offer surprisingly accurate information when we know how to listen. Although your conscious mind may not know how to explain what’s going on, your body is nevertheless processing and communicating all sorts of information below your conscious awareness. Every cell in your body continuously tracks what is happening internally and externally and relays information back to your brain.

Your body communicates to your conscious mind through sensation and emotion.

Although you may have been trained to think in terms of positive emotions and negative emotions, in reality no emotions are good or bad.

Rather, emotions are information. Your body’s sensations and emotions point toward your yeses, noes, and the nuances in between. If you feel tension, constriction, or other uncomfortable sensations, your body is trying to tell you something. If you feel excitement, inner peace, or deep engagement, your body is sending a signal.

If you’re a changemaker, and you want to develop the ability to tune into your inner compass and trust your intuition, I invite you to learn more about my Mentorship for Changemakers.


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