Imagine a river that’s run dry.

It’s the middle of a severe drought, and nothing is moving.

Next, imagine a stagnant, polluted river full of rotting debris. The stench invades your nostrils, and there’s a feeling of sluggishness in the air.

Finally, imagine a free-flowing river in radiant health. You feel energized and alive just standing beside it. The sense of growth and possibility is palpable.

Big difference, right?

Our bodies are like riverbeds for lifeforce energy.

When you’re exhausted, you’re apt to feel parched, as if the flow of lifeforce energy—the energy that gives rise to your callings—is dried up. From this state, it can be nearly impossible to discern what you want. You might feel like you want nothing at all.

If you make sudden changes from a depleted state, you’re acting with a limited ability to sense what you really want. You may end up regretting your decisions and feeling even more drained.

That’s why, if you’re currently burned out, I encourage you to prioritize caring for your body’s needs before making any massive life changes (unless you’re in an abusive situation). You may need significant rest to get energized, reinspired, and clear about what’s next.

In fact, if you only listen to one word of advice from me ever, let it be this: Sleep.

To make wise decisions while we’re awake, our brains must go through all sorts of processes while we’re asleep to integrate what happened during the day and renew themselves. If we cut these processes short, we’re ill-equipped to make good decisions, and it can have disastrous impacts on our physical and emotional wellbeing.

Different people need different amounts of sleep: Some people need seven hours. Others need nine. If I get less than eight-and-a-half for a few nights in a row, I feel tired. I encourage you to pay close attention to how much rest you need and do your best to honor it. And, if you need more convincing about the radical nature of rest, I encourage you to follow the Nap Ministry on social media.

If you fear your passion will never return, remember this:

Like seasons, the moon, and the tides, passion for anything—even the things you care most about—waxes and wanes. We humans are subject to the natural rhythms of life just like any other animal. Our bodies have rhythms, too.

Like the river, connection to lifeforce energy is your birthright. You must care for your body so that the energy can flow again.


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