Do you ever feel stuck between wanting to take action to pursue your dreams and wanting to just do nothing?

In my Healers’ Circle we’ve been talking about how to respond when one part of ourselves really wants to put our work and ideas out into the world (calling organizations about setting up classes, going to networking events, writing blog posts, etc.), and another part just wants to stay cozy in bed.

There can be all sorts of reasons why a part of you might not want to take action. Perhaps it’s the dark, cold days of winter, when our human-animal-bodies are programmed to respond by hunkering down by the hearth and preserving as much energy as possible. Perhaps you were bullied as a kid, and you’re afraid of putting an imperfect product out there and being ridiculed. Or maybe you need to do a bit more research or work on your offering before you go live.

Sometimes we need to take action, even if we’re afraid or feeling low energy. Other times we need to pause and attend to other needs before we’re ready to move forward. 

Procrastination is something that a lot of my clients struggle with when they first come to me, and there are many strategies for getting unstuck and moving forward. 

One step to getting unstuck is learning to discern when it’s time to be still and when it’s time to act.

We need to learn to dance in the polarity of action and nonaction. We need both to be fulfilled and impactful.

If we were always in motion, our work would lack the forethought and energy required to be most effective. If we were constantly in inaction, then we’d feel dull and dry and dissatisfied, never quite engaged in the adventure of life.

To be able to choose where we show up on the spectrum between action and nonaction, we need to discern what we need at any given moment.

When you know deep down what you need, then you can decide how to respond. For example, if you realize you need rest, then you can choose to take a really good nap or close the computer for the night so that when you’re rejuvenated, you’re ready to move forward.  Or if you need to contribute, then you make the phone calls, even if you’re scared. 

Of course, like most humans, you likely have many competing needs, and that can feel confusing. However, when you commit to a practice of paying attention to what you need over and over again, then you can respond by sometimes resting and sometimes acting, dancing along the spectrum between action and nonaction during any given day or week.

This week, I invite you to play with the guiding question: “What do I need now?”

The responses will be different in each moment, and the more you practice tuning in moment to moment, the more easily and quickly you’ll be able to hear the voice of your inner guidance and suss out what action (or non-action) to take.

Let’s try this now.

Grab a piece of paper and a pen and write, “What do I need now?” on the top. Get your phone or watch and set a timer for three minutes. Then, go! Keep your hand moving for the entire three minutes by asking yourself, “What else? And what else?” if you get stuck. When the three minutes are over, if you want to keep writing, you’re free to do so.

When you’ve completed, ask yourself: “What have I learned (from reading this article and doing the exercise) about the action or non-action I need to take right now?” Write down what comes up.

The more awareness you shine on what you need, the clearer and clearer you will feel, and the more you will move forward. I wish you all the best as you choose your non-steps and your steps.

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Much love, 


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