“Perfect is the enemy of good enough.”

A few years ago, two different teachers in two different areas of my life told me, “Katherine, you know you can do things 80%, right?”

I learned to turn down the volume of my inner Achiever, but going for “good enough” is still a lesson I’m still learning today.

“Perfect is the enemy of good enough.”

I imagine you’ve heard this statement a thousand times. This can intellectually make a lot of sense and yet be hard to believe.

As a result, new clients come to me all the time feeling stuck. They’re afraid to make the wrong decision, so they make no decision at all.

But the reality is that there are several paths forward that could bring us joy at any given moment. We find those paths by experimenting, by taking one small step, and seeing what happens.

Most of us only get good at something when we risk not being great at first. We all have to start somewhere.

How about you?

I invite you to jot down your responses to the following questions:

Is there a task you’re putting off because you don’t know how to do it perfectly?

If you turned the dial down to 80%, what might be your next step? Either toward making an imperfect change or letting go of something that is just too much right now?

Is there one small step you’re willing to commit to taking in the next week?

Choose one step that is doable enough that you can fully commit to doing it this week.

Notice if your inner Judge tells you that you’re not good enough or should be doing more. Respond to yourself with kindness, perhaps place a hand on your solar plexus, feeling your feet on the floor. Saying, “Yes, I hear you’re scared. And we’re going to do this anyway.”

Then take your next step.

I’d love to hear what step you’ll take!

Sharing our scary steps can feel scary itself. But sharing can also create a sense of accountability and support.

If you feel called to do so, I invite you to share your step with me below.

Either way, I am cheering you on!


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