Two years ago, in an MBA class on Shared Leadership, my teacher, Beth, introduced me to a methodology that has fascinated me ever since: Systemic Constellations. 

In systemic constellations, the client brings a challenge they’ve been struggling with for a long time despite having tried all the traditional solutions. Systemic constellations work reveals unconscious patterns at the root of the problem and elicits insights that help the client move past the problem and thrive. 

Systemic constellations can bring healing to patterns rooted in your family of origin, organization, or society at large, and it can reveal solutions in each of these areas that you may never have considered before. The field of systemic constellations grew out of work with family systems, and since November 2018, I’ve taken two six-month trainings which both focused on family systems change.

While I’ve loved these trainings and have begun integrating constellations into my coaching work with great results, I’ve longed for a training that focuses on organizational change and prepares me to bring this powerful method to social justice leaders. That’s where I believe it’s needed most.

Then, about two weeks ago, I had a last-minute opportunity to sign up for a six-month training in Organizational Constellations in the Netherlands (where I was an exchange student twenty-two years ago). I jumped at the opportunity!

Now, I write to you from my room at my Airbnb in Groningen, the Netherlands. At the end of the second day, my head and heart are full of new learning, and I so look forward to taking them home. 

With that in mind, I write to you now with an invitation:

For the next six months, I’m offering free systemic constellations sessions to leaders of social justice organizations who long for a little bit of support figuring out how to address a challenge at work. 

I want the opportunity to practice as much as possible and for folks to benefit from this work. There will be zero sales pitch or attempt to pull you into paid work. 

If you fit into this category and this invitation speaks to you, please send me an email. I’d love to set up a free session! If you don’t know if this invitation applies to you but you think it might, please reach out and ask. And, if you know someone who might benefit from this invitation, please forward this email to them.

Leading a social justice organization (whether you are comfortable with the word leader or not) is some of the hardest work there is. If this is you, you deserve support. And, in this small way, I’d love to help. 

Thanks in advance for reaching out and for sharing this message with your friends!

With love and gratitude from the Netherlands,


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