I invite you to imagine the world you long for—

A world where we all acknowledge collective traumas, offer authentic apologies, make real repair, and stop harming each other.

Where we remember our interdependence with all of life, relearn cooperation, and restore collective care of the land and waters.

Where we meet the needs of all people—needs for healthy food, education, housing, healing, belonging, dignity, and safety, and care for the wellbeing of all our non-human relations.

I invite you to get curious about what else you can imagine for humanity.

And, let’s imagine the life you long for—

Imagine that you respect your time and honor your needs. That you’re clear about the life you long for, and you’re moving toward it. That you’re listening deeply to your inner guidance and choosing steps aligned with you truly are. Trusting yourself to do your best. Actively nourishing yourself. Feeling alive, grounded, connected, appreciated, grateful, fulfilled, and at peace. Living the life that life is calling you to live.

Here’s what my clients report after developing the skills of Radical Discernment:

“I feel a much greater connection with the people who are important to me and an ability to be present when we’re together.”

“I learned to trust myself, and created space for what I’m most excited about—a budding new career and a life aligned with my truest self.” 

“I am a different leader than I was before. I’ve learned to recognize and communicate what I need and create clear boundaries with my team that benefit us all.”

“I feel so much clearer, grounded, and energized to take on new challenges. And I have the tools I need to keep getting clear at each step of the path.” 

“Once my work improved, it opened everything else up, too, like relationships and friendships. It still fascinates me how working on one piece of your life ripples out in so many directions.”

Through thousands of hours working with career coaching and leadership coaching clients over the past twelve years, I’ve developed and distilled the map I share through my website. This map has helped hundreds of people transform their lives, including myself.

I invite you to enjoy the articles in my blog and, if you feel called, to sign up for my Saturday Love Letter. I look forward to helping you find joy amid the heartache and ease amid the overwhelm.

It is my honor to be by your side.


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