I invite you to imagine that you are about to enter a labyrinth. 

As opposed to a maze—which has many crisscrossing paths that you are certain to get lost in—the unicursal labyrinth has one path into the center and one path out. 

As you walk through the labyrinth’s many twists and turns, you likely feel confused and disoriented. You don’t quite know where you are, whether you’re nearing your destination or still have a long way to go. But what you can trust is that if you keep putting one foot in front of the other, you will reach the center.

From Sweden to India to Peru to Egypt to the Tohono O’odham people in present-day Arizona, peoples all over the world have used labyrinths to prepare for the great journeys and as a metaphor for life.

You are on a journey.

Since ancient times, people have known that to make the journey to the center, we must shed aspects of life as we’ve known it, what has been precious to us but is now holding us back from being who life is calling us to become. 

The center of the labyrinth marks the ultimate polarity—death and rebirth. 

Human beings have also known since time immemorial that the journey is not only about leaving home. It is about returning home, too.

To exit the labyrinth, the traveler has to turn around and traverse the path that brought them to the center. They have to return with the gifts they’ve received, taking time to integrate their new way of being into the fabric of who they are. 

Not everyone survives the visit to the underworld, but those who do bring back gifts that benefit the entire community.

It’s time to stop sleepwalking.

I believe that one reason why so many people feel so very lost nowadays is that we’re missing rituals and guidance for modern-day rites of initiation. 

As a result, too many people are sleepwalking through life. Yes, they might look like they have it all together, doing work that matters, contributing to their communities, caring for their families. But deep down, they’re living on autopilot. They’re staying within the borders of what’s familiar and expected, disconnected from what life is asking of them. 

Living in ways so far removed from those of our ancestors, back before colonization, genocide, land theft, slavery, and the inquisition, back when we knew how to live in the right relationship with the land, back when we knew that life itself was sacred. It’s as though we’re wearing blinders that keep us separate and unaware of the life force energy that courses through our veins. 

I believe that our callings are an invitation to initiation. An invitation to make the journey to become the people our communities need us to be. I believe that life is calling each of us to wake up now and access the courage to say yes to life and to who we’re called to become. 

Life is calling you to wake up.

When you first decide to enter the labyrinth, it will feel scary. But, each time you choose to move in the direction that life is calling you in, you will discover something amazing (at least I know it still amazes me): 

Whereas navigating upstream on the current of life drains your energy and knocks you over, you discover a sense of ease and flow when you allow the current to guide you.  

I believe it is time for each of us to stop sleepwalking through life, wake up to what life is asking of us, and consciously and courageously choose our path forward. 

If you choose to wake up today—and the next day and the next day and the next—many years from now, you will be able to look back with pride. You will see the small steps that map the path you see behind you, the impact you made, the joy with which you lived your days. 

This planet needs us awake. 

Contributing. Connecting. Tapped into potential. Listening to Life. Caring for each other and ourselves. Engaged. Courageous. In a flow of reciprocity. Learning. Creating change. In integrity. Joyful. Whole. Loving. Fully alive. Needs met. Doing the work that life calls us to do.  

All this is possible.

Happy New Year,


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