My client was making tremendous strides in integrating practices into her life. She was meditating and journaling every morning and feeling great about herself.

Then, suddenly, life got hard.

Her best friend died, her mother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer, and her cousin had a stroke.

She suddenly found it impossible to keep up with her newfound practices. Her inner “Spiritual Judge” started beating her up, saying she wasn’t doing a good enough job.

Maybe you can relate.

Perhaps a personal or collective tragedy has thrown your life upside-down recently.

Here’s what I told my client:

What you’re going through is a LOT.

Sometimes, when life throws us unexpected, hard-to-hold challenges, our practices have to change.

We no longer have the capacity for ideal practices. We need to find practices that soothe and settle our bodies quickly.

I invite you to ask yourself:

What is one small-enough-to-be-completely-doable step you can take to soothe and settle yourself?

  • How about saying out loud to yourself: “This is a LOT.”? Acknowledgment is the first step toward healing.
  • How about feeling your feet on the floor? Feeling your feet is one of the fastest ways to settle your body.
  • How about placing your hands on your heart and silently saying, “Hello heart”? When you let your heart—who holds so much emotion—know that you hear it and love it, it can feel held in the midst of it all.
  • How about calling a good friend and asking for them to listen? Or finding a trauma-informed therapist who can help you navigate these challenging times? To grieve and heal and reorient ourselves to life, sometimes what we need most is just to be heard.

These practices take only seconds, but they can work wonders to nourish your nervous system as you navigate these painful times.

If this brought up any questions for you, I welcome you to share them in the comments.


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