This guest blog post is from Anna Brunelle, a professional organizer who works with women who struggle with clutter or disorganization to create space for flow in their lives. Anna teaches that organization is not about perfection, but about freeing up your energy for what matters most. You can learn more about her work at Thanks, Anna!

Your physical space has a tremendous impact on how you feel in the rest of your life. If you’re wanting to create a career that reflects your authentic self, chances are there’s physical evidence of psychic clutter lurking in your space, undermining your efforts. Here are some examples of the types of clutter you might encounter that could be holding you back from the shift you wish to make.

Old Stories

One client stashed a file facetiously labeled “THE FILE OF SHAME” in the back of her filing cabinet. This file contained student loan paperwork for a degree that the client was unhappy with and paperwork from a car accident. The papers made my client feel like a failure. We shredded some of these papers, and we objectively labeled the ones that remained. Mistakes are a part of life.  After removing the physical representation of self-loathing, my client felt a significant positive shift in the way she felt about herself.

Other People’s Projections

Another client realized that someone else had purchased a lot of clothes in her closet— her mother, who saw her as a mini-me. Since clothes play a huge role in how we show up in the world, uncovering this pattern was a big deal for my client. She shed this false image, reclaimed her self-expression, and felt free to live life on her own terms.

Old Ideas and Projects

Many of my clients come to terms with old ideas and projects they’ve put on the back burner for some time. Gathering them together and wrapping their minds around how much time it would take to complete them “someday”  compels them to finally choose which ones to pursue. They decide that some of those projects are in fact worth their time and commit to finishing them. As for the others… well, they realize that there was a reason they weren’t getting done. When you let go of old ideas and projects, you make way for ones you’re really passionate about.

As you cultivate the inner clarity you need and explore the focus of your career, I encourage you to declutter your space as well.

You can learn a lot about what holds you back from decluttering your physical space. What’s more,  when your space mirrors the authenticate self you’re uncovering through inner work, it becomes even easier to fully embody the changes you’re making in your career.


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