Whether you’ve always had a dream job or you’ve recently realized your true path in life, you’re in the process of finding a new job.

A career transition can seem overwhelming, especially when the organization in which you’re interested isn’t hiring.

Fortunately, there are still steps you can take to get the job you want. Here are a few of the best:

Send a Letter of Inquiry and Resume

Even if a job isn’t posted, you don’t know what is going on inside the organization. In other words, the organization might be about to post a job or a need may arise to fill a position in the near future. Or, they may even be hiring, but the job may just not be advertised. Let them know that you’re interested now. Send a brief letter of inquiry, and make sure to thank the recipient for reading the letter. Attaching or sending a resume is useful, too. When the company is hiring, a representative may end up contacting you, making your career transition even smoother.

Make a Connection

You’ve probably heard people talk about how important establishing connections is when it comes to getting a job. If someone can speak highly of you to a hiring manager or other person of power in the position, then you have a greater chance of getting the job you want. Make sure you’re wise about whom you ask for recommendations. If a questionable employee puts your name out there, then you may find your reputation soiled before you can even send a resume. But if someone with a good reputation passes your name along, this could be your golden key to getting the job.

Try a Different Path

It’s also possible that the company is hiring and you just don’t know about it because you’re looking in the wrong spot. For example, organizations may post information about job openings on social media, they might have recruiters who take care of this process for them, or they might post the job announcement on their website but not to a job search site. Make sure you check out all possible places for job announcements.

Offer Your Work on a Freelance Basis

While the company may not have any open positions now, you could also consider offering your work on a freelance basis. For example, if you want a writing position with an organization, find out if an opportunity to write a couple of blog posts is available. Depending on the organization and how much you want the job, you may even offer to write a couple of posts on a volunteer basis. Doing so gives you the chance to demonstrate your skills and your commitment to working for the organization. Interacting with the organization in this capacity can help you to learn even more about how to get the job you want.

Try a Different Organization

You may think that your dream position is available at only one organization because that is where you have always seen it posted. However, the same position, or an even better one, might exist somewhere else. Instead of limiting yourself to only this one organization, take a look at other listings when you are finding a new job. You might find yourself in a more desirable spot than you ever imagined.

Make Yourself More Marketable

If you want an organization to hire you when it doesn’t even have spots open, then you need to make yourself more marketable. Think about what it would take for the organization to want to hire you. Perhaps you need to take a couple of additional classes, or maybe you have to obtain an extra certification.

The organization of your dreams might not have a position open at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you have to let go of your dreams. If you’re feeling stuck on the path towards the career you want and you’d like some extra support, consider applying for a free discovery session to get clear on your next steps or check out how career coaching can help you. You deserve to find a career you love, and it really is possible.


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