When new clients come to me, they often feel stuck. They’re unhappy in the work they do now, and they long to get clear and confident about what’s next.

Part of what holds them back is that they’re clinging to certainty. They want to figure out the best step forward, the right path, the perfect job.

Here’s what my clients don’t yet realize:

To get clear, you must experiment. 

To create a life you love, you must take imperfect action.

To get clear about whether a work-life path is for you, you need to try it out. You need to conduct experiments (also known as prototypes, pilots, test runs, and minimally viable products).

Conducting experiments is like flirting with a possible work-life path. 

First, you say hello. Then, you go on a date. Perhaps that turns into something more. Perhaps not.

Either way, you get to know the path, step by step, better before you get married. You wade in rather than diving in. You test-drive the car before you buy it.

When you approach life as an experiment, you don’t just explore known possibilities; you create new ones. 

Experimentation builds momentum and helps synchronicity happen. One thing leads to another, and you discover opportunities that you could have never anticipated.

Experimentation is not a one-shot deal. It’s a way of life. As I often remind my clients—

Everything is an experiment.

You can conduct research, start conversations, tweak your morning routine, change your tone of voice, sit differently in your chair, listen more attentively, ask for feedback…

And then discover what happens.

If you approach each step you take through life with the question What might I learn here? you will gather the information you need to make informed decisions and trust yourself to take incrementally bigger steps forward.


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