Imagine your experience in a congested intersection. The lights are inappropriately timed. You wait and wait for your turn to go, only to barely move forward when the light turns green. You feel annoyed, and you’re wasting time.

Now, imagine a well-designed rotary where cars enter and exit seamlessly, gliding along towards their destination.

It’s a big difference, right?

It’s like the difference between a cluttered, disorganized environment and a space that allows energy to follow.

The spaces we live and work in have a big impact on how we act and feel. If your space is distracting, I recommend taking some time to get organized and get rid of items that no longer serve you. Clearing away clutter and distractions from your working and living spaces will lighten the energetic load you carry and help you focus your attention on what’s most important.

Plant yourself in an environment that helps you grow.

Think of yourself like a fresh little plant who needs sun and water and healthy soil to grow. Ask yourself— What nourishes you? You might want to hang photos or artwork that inspire you.

Then ask— What makes it harder for you to grow? Like weeds that rob you of nutrients, it’s important to let go of clutter or items in your home or office that anchor you in the past.

Several years ago, I earned my hypnotherapy certificate, and one thing I took from the training was an understanding of anchors. An anchor is something you perceive with your senses (see,  hear, smell, touch, taste, and so forth) that unconsciously reminds you of something else. Whether you know it or not, most things in your home and office environment are anchors that trigger memories and thereby influence your mindset about change.

For example, when I see my yellow and blue living room walls, I feel the energy and aliveness that I felt walking down the street in Oaxaca, Mexico when I lived there. When I see the purple flowers and green plants on my window sill, I think of the energy and beauty of nature. If I were to have items that reminded me of moments I felt homesick for, I’d be more likely to feel drawn into the past. It can be so much easier to create change and be in the present moment in a clean, fresh space.

Let’s explore how you might create more space for flow now—

Grab some paper and a pen, and either go to the space you work in or imagine it in your mind’s eye. Then, write down your answers to the following questions—

  • How do you feel when you look around?
  • Is there anything that feels old, cramped, musty, or like it’s holding you back in some way?
  • How might you bring in more fresh, alive, spacious energy?
  • What shifts might you make to feel more peaceful and productive?

Make a list of shifts that will help you to feel more energized and focused as you’re working. Then, step by step, tackle this list.

I’d love to hear from you.

What do you need to do to create space for flow in your life?

Please share your thoughts below, and I will make sure to respond. Thanks!


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