Finding jobs in higher education can be challenging, but one step towards reaching your career goals is connecting to the right sites.

The sites below are the best job search sites that offer an extensive listing of full-time, part-time, and teaching positions in higher education. You can think of these sites as a career assistant that can guide you toward the best positions.

Higher Ed Jobs

Higher ED Jobs has been rated as the top higher education job search site. Overall, this site provides much more than basic job listings. You can submit your resume for consideration for faculty positions related to your field experience and education level. You can search for positions based on geographical location, school, and type. Higher Ed Jobs also sends out career newsletters to keep you informed about higher education industry expectations and changes as well as positions at various colleges or universities in your state that may not be posted on other popular job sites. Additional resources such as web casts, salary surveys, employment reports, and job search advice are also available.

Chronicle Vitae

Another site that many applicants find useful in their higher education job search is ChronicleVitae. This site provides career development resources, the platform is user-friendly, and jobs can be accessed quickly with a simple keyword search. Webinar archives related to career and academic news are available under the resources section. You can create an account and keep your resume updated, and if you want to connect with others job seekers, you can join several online forums and groups. These groups and communities provide a way to stay abreast about various academic topics and can be a great way for you to keep your mind intellectually stimulated while you’re preparing for your career transition.

Inside Higher Ed

If you enjoy browsing news based sites, Inside Higher ED lists a variety of education news posts and available jobs in the higher education sector. Upon visiting this site, you’ll be able to browse a wide range of academic-based content and career resources. The job section lists more than 18,000 jobs and featured jobs are highlighted on the right side of the homepage. This site provides two options to stay informed about jobs that can help you make a new career transition: you can create an account and upload your resume, or you can sign up for job alert notifications.

If you prefer to let a recruiter find a job for you, Indeed may be the ideal job search resource for you. This job listing platform offers you the ability to upload your resume so that independent recruiters can match your skills with available positions. If selected for a position, a recruiter will contact you to ask for your approval to send your resume to a prospective employer.

The extensive job listing is organized according to geographical location, and a quick job search requires that you enter the position, city, and state you’re interested in. The results will generate jobs available in the city you entered as well as the surrounding area. Salaries, job type, experience level, and company names will also appear. You can receive new job posting alerts by entering your email address on the site.


If you’re not already a member on LinkedIn, you may want to sign up soon. This professional networking site is an excellent source that can help connect you with employers. When you create a profile and list your experiences, you have the opportunity to distinguish yourself from the crowd. Your profile will stand out and based on your professional connections, and you will gain more exposure as an eligible candidate.

The keys to any successful job search are clarity and consistency. Stay clear about what you want, and be consistent with going after it. If after some time, you still feel stuck and want some support, I encourage you to learn more about career coaching or apply for a free discovery session so that you can get clear about your next steps forward. Wishing you all the best with your job search!



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