On Samhain last year (November 1), I had one of my first Tarot readings ever.

The reading was stark. Amongst other potentially foreboding cards, I drew the Tower and the Hermit, indicating that something big was coming to an end and it was time to retreat. I took the reading as a call to finish writing my book and close the doors to everything else for a bit.

I reached my goal and completed the manuscript on April 25 (the date I’d set for myself), hoping my hermit times were over.

After a flurry of outward-facing activity this summer and early fall (joining city council, knocking on tons of doors during campaign season, attending conferences), this past month, I’ve gone hermit again.

One reason prompting my current retreat is that this summer, I reached out to my top publisher and received a lukewarm no. It was close to a zero (on a scale where zero is “absolutely never” and ten is “yes, let’s do this now!”), but not exactly.

The answer gave me hope that if I can make a stronger argument to publishers about my ability to sell my book, they might take it. Before abandoning the traditional marketing route, I want to test that argument.

And so, I’m preparing to launch a podcast, I’ve joined several new networks, and I’m turning my book into online courses. It’s the online courses that prompted the current round of hermitting (they’re a ton of focused work!), which started last month.

My aim is that, by January 18, I’ll turn all of my teachings into six pay-what-you-can online courses and the supporting launch materials. Soon, you hear more about them—the (Lunar) New Year’s Clarity Mini-Retreat, Scheduling Boundaries, Career Clarity for Changemakers, An Experiment in Savoring, Skillful Requests & Feedback, and The Fundamentals of Radical Discernment.

And far more important than appealing to publishers, these pay-what-you-can courses will fulfill long-held unmet needs/callings of mine to make my work way more accessible to folks who can’t afford coaching and to reach far more people with my work.

I share this personal update not to market these courses to you but because some readers tell me that they want me to weave more of myself into my love letters, and since I’m at such a pivot point, it feels important to share this mini year-in-review with you.

I’m an ambivert (between introversion and extroversion) who’s eager to emerge from this year’s hibernation. (Soon!) Thank goodness my tarot spread for the year ahead forecasts far more expansion and extroversion (The World, The Star, The Lovers, the Queen of Cups, and other hope-filled cards—I’m new to the tarot, but it’s been fun and affirming).

I’m super busy writing away at my online courses and I imagine that you’re super busy, too, so in lieu of writing a teaching today, I want to make sure you have my 3-Dimensions Centering audio recording as you head into the holiday season.

I originally learned this practice from my teacher, Doug Silsbee, who learned it from his teacher, Richard Strozzi-Heckler. I find it especially potent medicine when heading into potentially heated conversations. (I now practice briefly while everyone stands for the pledge of allegiance at the beginning of city council meetings. It’s been the perfect way to start these super-long and often contentious meetings that require my full presence.)

If you’re dreading any conversations in the next few weeks, I highly recommend it. Or, if you just want to feel more centered and grounded throughout this season, I recommend it, too.

Click here to listen.

(Please note: I created this recording several years ago before unpacking a lot about how ableism shows up in me. I start with the invitation to either stand or sit and an invitation to get comfortable. I am now aware that sitting or standing are not choices that all people have, nor is the ability to get comfortable in your body. I will record a new audio soon.  Thank you for your patience. I hope it will benefit you no matter the posture your body inhabits.)

Finally, please know that your readership means the world to me. Thank you for grappling with my teachings alongside me, for being an unspoken accountability partner in my commitment to write to you weekly, and for sharing my work with the people who need it. Even though we may never have spoken personally, I am so grateful to be in relationship with you.

Next week, I’ll share one more love letter for 2022. Then, I’ll take Christmas Eve off with my family. Then, on New Year’s Eve, I’ll share more about what January has in store (the Lunar New Year’s Clarity Retreat on Sunday, January 22!). I’m excited!

Wishing you micro-pauses and deep breaths in the week ahead.

No matter how busy you are, may you sense your inherent dignity, belonging, and enoughness.


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