Websites are the modern-day versions of the storefronts of old. If you want new clients to find you, you need a website.

But what are the elements of a website that will attract new clients? Below, I’ll share several important elements of an effective website.

Home Page

Your home page is the first impression for many potential clients, and it needs to be attractive. For potential clients to find your website in Google searches, your home page needs to incorporate as many of your keywords as possible, and you need to use each of the main keywords multiple times. One of the most important functions of your website is to capture email addresses for your newsletter mailing list, so make to have a sign-up box for your newsletter and free offer on your homepage.

About Page

After the home page, the about page receives the second highest amount of views. I suggest writing your about page in an interview format (you can take a look at how I do this on my website). You can answer many questions on the about page, including:
• Why you do what you do
• What your professional training is
• What makes you unique and sets you apart from other practitioners
• Who you work best with
• How you work with clients
• Answers to any objections to working with that you frequently hear
• Any other logistics you feel are important to answer before they speak with you

Before you speak to potential clients, ask them to read your about page. By doing this, they get a clear sense of who you are. By answering their questions before they talk with you, you can focus your enrollment conversation on them, rather than trying to explain your work.

Service Pages

Before you decide which services to create pages for, make sure to identify your keywords for your website. Focus every page of a website on one distinct keyword (which might be a string of words like “craniosacral therapy” or “life coaching”), and create a page for each of the primary keywords that your ideal clients will be using to search for you. Make sure that each page is in language that your ideal client would use and that it speaks directly to the problem that the service solves and the solution it offers.

For example, my clients search for the words “business coaching,” “life coaching,” “career coaching,” “leadership coaching,” “executive coaching,” “confidence coaching,” and “personal coaching,” so I have pages for each of these words. Of course, my clients also use other words to search for a coach, like “success coach” or “goal coach.” But these words are used far less often and in my eyes, do not merit a unique page.

On each service page, include the following pieces:

• a short ideal client profile using second tense / “you” language,
• a description of your services,
• testimonials, and
• if you have them, links to hidden pages (pages that aren’t listed on the main menu, but which link to a page that is on the menu).
For Google to rank the pages higher, it’s important that each page be over 1000 words.


Initially, it may feel like a lot of work to write weekly blog articles. But when you consistently post fresh content, Google picks up on the fact that your website offers valuable content, and it begins to rank your website highest.

Free Offer

Your newsletter list is one of the most important building blocks of a successful business. It’s what you’ll use to keep in touch with potential clients and grow a relationship with them until they decide to work with you. Nowadays, people are less likely to give up their email address simply in exchange for your newsletter. Folks are inspired to get something really useful for free, like a webinar, white paper, ebook, or something else with valuable content. Ask yourself what you might offer as a worthwhile exchange for their email address. Make sure that your free offer and newsletter sign up is located on every page.


Finally, be sure to include a contact page so that potential clients have an easy time reaching out to you if they feel called to do so.

There you have it—Home, About, Services, Blog, Free Offer, Contact.

The building blocks of a very client attractive website. I wish you lots of success (and even fun!) on your website-building journey. If you want to explore receiving more support, I invite you to check out our business coaching services. It would be my pleasure to talk more!


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