If they say yes… celebrate!

When somebody steps forward in the face of their limitations and invests in following their calling, this is a life-changing and sacred moment. Applaud their decision.

Then, set up logistics.

  • Set the dates for your work together while you’re still on the call. Try to get all the dates down, and put them in a program schedule that you send to them. If, for some reason, you cannot schedule all the dates on the phone, agree on when and how you will set the dates. This may seem like micro-managing, but it is a crucial step of getting an ongoing commitment from them and a good schedule for yourself.
  • Explain the payment process.
  • Tell them you’ll send them a welcome packet including a contract, a program schedule with proposed dates for your entire program, and any other relevant information. Ask them to confirm when they receive this information.
  • Once you get off the phone, send them this information.

Take care of all the details beforehand.

Feeling confident about the details about how you work is key to building trust and ensuring that an initial yes stays a yes. Have these details prepared before you get on your next enrollment call. Feel free to use mine as a model:

  • Intake form
  • Program schedule
  • Welcome packet / contract

Go over the details at the beginning of your first session.

At the beginning of your first sessions with clients, go over the agreements for your work together and what they need to know to get the most out of your work together. Make sure these agreements are spelled out your welcome packet.

Congratulations! You’ve made it through our entire Enrollment Call series. I wish you so much fun and success in enrolling new clients. All the best to you!


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