Once you step into the role of the Advisor, the next step in the enrollment session is to get clear on your prospective client’s problems and longings and to identify whether you can help them and want to work with them.

Before you speak with them, brainstorm all the questions you need to ask to get clear about their problems and desired solutions.

Ask potential clients to fill out an intake form and return it to you two days before your session. Before the session, go through their intake form and generate a list of questions based on what they wrote.

The questions commonly include variations on the following:

  • In general, what problems are you facing?
  • How are these problems impacting you?
  • Why is it important to you to solve these problems?
  • What have you tried so far to fix these problems?
  • Which things you’ve tried have been helpful or unhelpful?
  • Any other questions you feel would be helpful.

After identifying their challenges, shift to asking about their goals and dreams.

For example, you may ask— Let’s imagine that it’s a year from now, and the problems you’re facing now are gone, what do you imagine is different in your life? Or— How would your life change if the problems we just talked about went away?

Get as detailed as possible and add your imagination. You offer a rare gift by seeing people and letting them know that their dreams are possible.

Stay in Question-Asking Mode

Make sure to stay in question-asking mode until you’re clear about what they need and want. If you talk too much, you’ll never identify their real problems or desires, and you won’t know what areas they want help with.

If they ask you lots of questions about yourself or the program, say “Before I answer that, I want to make sure that we assess what’s happening with you. I promise to make sure to answer any questions before we end the call. How does that sound?”

Stay Curious & Use this as a Research Opportunity

If you’re new to your work, keep in mind that this conversation is a goldmine for discovering how your ideal clients describe what they need and want. Take time after each call to note what problems and desired solutions your potential client shared with you. Use the information you gather to hone your marketing message.

Finally, you’re ready to share with them about the services you offer and invite them to work with you.


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