Want to soothe your nervous system?
And hear your inner guidance more clearly?

If so, I invite you to download the
Emotions Wheels & Feelings Lists.

Although most people don’t believe that naming their emotions helps them feel better, fMRI research shows that when most of us find a word that matches our feelings, our amygdalas—the fear center of our brains—become less active, and our nervous systems settle.

When we let our bodies know that we’re listening and give words to our feelings, it’s as though our bodies feel heard and can relax.

And, knowing what we feel is the first step toward deciphering our inner guidance.

If you ever struggle to identify what you’re feeling, having a list of emotions and sensations words at your fingertips can help. That’s why I created my Emotions Wheels and Feelings Lists.

If you’d like to have these tools readily available as you work to get grounded and clear about your next steps, I invite you to download them now.

I’d love to share them with you!


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