We’ve been talking a lot about how to identify your ideal clients and the language they use.

Here are three more steps you can take to get to know your ideal clients.

1. Use your intake form.

When you use a comprehensive intake form, you will begin to notice trends in the challenges that people are coming to you with and the solutions they’re seeking. To help you identify these trends (and to better serve your clients), I encourage you to ask the following questions:
• How did you find out about my work?
• What are your three biggest challenges?
• If I could wave a magic wand and grant you any three new abilities or skills, what would you wish for?
• What needs to happen in order for your investment in working with me to be worthwhile?

2. Do a Google Adwords search.

Google has a free tool to that can help you understand which words people use when they think about their problems and solutions. Here are steps to help you do this:
1. Go to adwords.google.com
2. Sign in with your Gmail email and password (you’ll need this to use the tool)
3. On the top menu, click on “tools.” On the drop-down menu, click on “keyword planner.”
4. On the left hand, click on “search for new keyword and ad group ideas.”
5. Under “Your product or service,” write down the terms that you believe your tribe is using to search for your services. Scroll down and click on “get ideas.”
Note: Make sure to get into the mindset of your ideal client, and include long-chain keywords starting with words like “how to,” such as “how to avoid burnout” or “how to get more clients.”
6. Under the bar graph, click on “Keyword ideas.” This will show how many people are looking for the term that you typed in, and below that, it will show how many people are searching for similar keyword phrases.
7. In your marketing, you want to incorporate both words that are low competition with high numbers as well as lower numbers but high competition.

3. Do an Amazon.com search.

Your potential clients are searching for books about the same topics they’re seeking support around. Amazon.com can be a treasure trove of information about the language your ideal clients use. Here’s how to use Amazon to find the language your ideal clients use:
1. Search for books people are purchasing on your topic.
2. Look at the reviews of that book, including reviews of stars 1-5.
3. Pay attention to what people love about the book, hate about the book, or stories of transformation.
4. Write down the words that describe the problem, the solution, and the steps they take to get to the solution.

I hope these tips for discovering the language your ideal clients use has been helpful. To receive more support in creating a message that inspires your ideal clients to sign up, I invite you to check out our business coaching services. And best wishes on your journey of growing your business.


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