Curious to learn how to talk to your ideal clients?

You’ve come to the right place! This article is part two in a series all about how to create a message that inspires your ideal clients to sign up. Here are four steps to help you create a message that sings…

Be aware of being vague (and then get specific).

Let’s look at some examples of what’s too vague. These are phrases I’ve heard many healers and coaches use when describing the types of clients they serve:

• “Ready for change.” (What change?)
• “Open to transformation.” (Transformation into what?)
• “Wanting to be empowered.” (Empowered so that what?)
• “Longing to be happy and healthy.” (What exactly does this mean to them?)

Almost nobody describes their problems with language like this.

Yes, get specific.

When you pay close attention, you’ll notice that even you use specific language to describe your challenges and the solutions you seek.

For example, perhaps you want to know how to speak with clients in a way that makes them jump at the opportunity to work with you. Or you want to get clear on what the right steps to build your business are without wasting a lot of energy. Or you want to feel a heart connection in your sales calls and sign potential clients up with ease.

Do you see how specific these desires are? If I were just to say, “I help business owners be happy,” it would be equally accurate. But it would be a lot less compelling.

Be strong and flexible.

Understanding the problems you solve and the solutions you offer is the foundation for everything else in your business. If your foundation is shaky, everything on top of it will be unstable, too.

There’s a difference between being shaky and flexible. Being shaky is not understanding your clients well enough and not getting specific enough. Being flexible is getting as clear and precise as possible while allowing your understanding of your clients’ current problems and desired solutions to evolve as your work evolves.

Keep paying attention.

You’d be really surprised to find out how much time expert marketers spend crafting their words. Allow yourself to play with your words like clay and don’t expect to get your words perfect right off the bat. Over time, your work will evolve and so will with your message.

Keep your ears open at networking events, in enrollment sessions, and in everyday conversations for the words your ideal clients use to describe their needs and desires. Then, use the information you glean to regularly update your marketing message and materials. This is one of the best investments you can make in your business.

Are you wanting support to help you create a message that resonates with your ideal clients?

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