I often hear new healing arts clients say, “What I offer is perfect for them! But they just don’t seem to want my help.”

Or, I hear friends say, “Oh my goodness, I just know that your work would benefit my sister so much. She’s always complaining about her job. But I told her about what you do, and she seemed set on her belief that change isn’t possible.” There are many variations on the theme. We know we can help someone, but they don’t seem to want our help.

If you’ve done all of the work to get very clear on what your ideal client wants in general, and you’ve been mirroring the specific language the other person is using so that they feel heard, then I want to share one more piece with you.

A person needs to know they have a problem, believe change is possible, and want to make a change to truly be an ideal client.

Sometimes, people’s problems can become so habitual that they don’t even realize they have a problem they can change. Or, they give up hope and stop believing change is possible. Or, they feel safer keeping their problems than venturing out into the unknown and discovering a new way of being.

To be willing to spend money to work with you, they must be aware that they have the problem you serve, and they must be hungry for the solution you offer.

It can be painful to know that we can help someone and not have them realize this. Instead of getting stuck on trying to convince them that they need to change, I encourage you to compassionately let them be. They may or may not come around eventually. Either way, they deserve acceptance.

There are hundreds and thousands of people out there who need and want your services. Make sure to focus your attention where you really can make a change.

If you want to get focused on what’s most important in your business and get more clients in a way that feels easeful, fun, and sustainable, I invite you to check out our business coaching services. I’d love to talk more about creating a message that inspires your ideal clients to join you!


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