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In this course, you’ll learn practices to help you trust your inner guidance, discern what you really need, and get clearer about your next steps.


1.  Before you go, please take a minute to fill out the participant questionnaire. The more I get to know your needs, the more I can take them into account. Thank you for your time!


2.  Read the welcome email and prepare for the course. In a moment you’ll receive an email with lots of steps to help you make the most out of the course. Please make sure to read that so that you can be fully prepared to benefit from the course fully. And, if you’d like, you can read the welcome email here.


3.  Consider inviting a friend. If you have a friend who you’d love to share this experience with, I encourage you to invite them to join. That way, you can offer each other accountability, process your experiences together, and better integrate what you’re learning.


4.  If this is your friend’s first time attending one of my courses, please gift them my Pay-it-Forward Discount. They can take $50 off enrollment with the code “friendsdiscount”. Here’s some language you might use to invite them (feel free to just copy and paste or edit).


If you have any questions about getting set up in the course, please email me at katherine@callingsandcourage.com.


I look forward to seeing you soon!


In love and solidarity,


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