I reached out to Katherine initially because I wanted to start a project to help women and girls with body image issues but wasn’t making any progress. Every time I took a step, I would experience self-doubt, fear, and judgment, and this would shut me down.

Katherine gave me the support and encouragement I needed to move forward and the tools to address my inner judgment, self-doubt, and fears about approval from others. I am now able to quiet these voices and listen more clearly to my true self.

Along with this inner work, Katherine guided me in outer work of becoming a better networker and increasing my competence in outreach and marketing. Katherine kept me on track and gave me the support I needed to live bravely and intentionally.

With Katherine’s coaching, I reached my goals of finding a partner to collaborate with, developing a curriculum, and launching a workshop!

An added bonus of our work together is that I built an incredible community with a wide range of like-minded women who support and encourage me still, even after completing my work with Katherine. I still have strong relationships with the other women from the group coaching program. To build confidence in my voice, Katherine encouraged me to join Speaker Sisterhood, a public speaking program for women, and I remain very engaged with my group. And, through the networking that Katherine guided me toward and held me accountable to, I made numerous connections that became valuable to my project and my overall belonging in my community.

Not only am I in a better position professionally with all of these connections, but I am much happier. And all of this started with just one inquiry email to Katherine.

-Amy Stein


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