I worked with Katherine as my mentor while preparing for the birth of my first child. When I went into labor, I found myself facing an unexpected fear. An hour after arriving at the birthing center, I was informed that I would need an emergency cesarean section. Instead of the empowering “natural” birth I’d imagined, I suddenly felt crushed, powerless and afraid. As I approached the operating room, I recalled my work with Katherine and decided to embrace the experience as part of my journey into motherhood.

Before working with Katherine, I might have let myself feel like a victim or a failure, but with her guidance, I was empowered not only to face my fear but to grow from it. Katherine helped me to realize that there are many paths through life and motherhood and that one path is not better or more profound than another. Instead of letting my fears rule, I was able to find strength, confidence, and beauty in my experience.

Robin Wilson – Teacher


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