Before working with Katherine, I lacked clarity around what I wanted to focus on professionally.

I had multiple interests, but they each tugged at me simultaneously. I had trouble figuring out what my gifts were or how to access them.

I wasn’t sure a coach could help me, honestly, and I thought what I needed to discover would work itself out over time. Financially, I also wasn’t sure I could afford the work, but I took a leap of faith.

Soon enough, the work with Katherine helped me gain clarity.

Even in the earliest stages of working with Katherine, I was able to focus on and articulate specific goals, not just professionally but personally. I was able to see where I created my own roadblocks and get out of my own way. I not only homed in on my greatest passion, but I started to create a plan for how to bring it into reality as a business.

I learned to trust my instincts, stop listening to my fierce inner critic, and create a message for my work that people will pay attention to.

I would without a doubt recommend Katherine to anyone wanting to get clear on what’s next and create a career aligned with their passions and gifts.

Kelly – Sound Passage


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