When I came to Katherine, I cared so much about my work and the students we serve, but I seemed to lack some mysterious supervision skills, and it appeared the other supervisors had them.

As a result, I felt anxious and powerless, and I was trying to decide whether to stay at my position or find a new job.

Rather than feeling shame about my challenges, like I had before, I felt that Katherine and I were working together as a team to help me find healing, growth, and passion again.

That was truly an amazing gift.

Week after week, I noticed positive shifts in my perspective and leadership skills.

Working with Katherine, I:

  • identified my guiding principles,
  • developed clarity about the kind of leader I want to be,
  • strengthened my connection with my inner wisdom,
  • learned to trust myself to make important decisions, and
  • developed systems to empower and guide my staff.

I now approach challenges at work with clearer direction and confidence.I/m far more grounded in my choices at work and in the rest of my life.

With my newfound sense of ease and confidence, I realized that I am excited to remain at my current organization.

Of course, becoming the leader I want to be will take continual learning, but now I see concrete evidence of my growing ability to collaborate with colleagues and lead a team.

Rather than feeling anxious about what’s next, I’m excited to be on the journey.

-Meghan Bone, Youth Worker


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