One year ago, I took a new position leading a global social change initiative. While this was an exciting opportunity, I found myself doubting my capacity. Sure enough, right away, I faced a challenging co-worker situation that tried my skills and made me question my leadership ability.

I explored a number of women’s business leadership options, but Katherine’s approach resonated most. I wanted to create real change in the world, AND I wanted to feel fulfilled in that work. I wanted to inspire my team as well.

Before starting with Katherine, I had my doubts. I wasn’t looking for therapy. I remember telling her that this work wasn’t about the personal me, it was about the professional me. She listened, reflected back to me and kept the conversation focused on my professional work. But over time and with Katherine’s gentle support and respectful suggestions, it became increasingly clear that my learning was not only about professional leadership but about who I am in the world!

My work with Katherine has made me a more confident leader. And through coaching, I have grown not only as a professional, but also as a person, a daughter, a mother, a friend.

Having a personal development plan, practicing getting centered, and daily journaling helped me to slow down, listen to my intuition, and communicate better. I have gained real life, everyday skills in cross-cultural communication, grounded decision-making, and supervising others. I am more able to quiet the inner critic and manage a satisfying work-life balance.

What’s more, my team and I are all looking forward to the second year of our work. We seem so much clearer than this time last year, and that seems remarkable.

I look forward to each and every session with Katherine, and I always come out feeling more clear, confident, and armed with new practical ideas and skills to try. Most importantly, most days I’m really fulfilled in my work.

Beth Bradford – International Child Protection Consultant


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