It brings tears to my eyes as I write this and think about how much working with Katherine has transformed my life.

When I first came to Katherine for business coaching, I felt like a mess. Everyday was a disconnected list of tasks I had to do. My business, home life, relationships— it all felt jumbled together. Everyday was overwhelming, and that made it hard to move forward in my business.

With her kindness and skill, Katherine taught me systems that I now rely on to bring order to my life. It’s become like second-nature to organize my thoughts, keep track of my tasks, plan my days and weeks, take consistent client notes, choose what’s more important, and not go down the rabbit hole. When I teach a workshop now, instead of worrying about last minute details, I feel calm when I begin.

Before working with Katherine, I felt strongly about working with women’s empowerment. But I doubted whether I had what it took to do the work. But after Katherine named it a calling— and taught me that we’re not supposed to know all the steps before we start taking them— I let go of my doubt about whether my message was worth sharing and found the courage to put it out there.

Katherine helped me design a beautiful website, and I’m working to bring my teachings to a whole new level. But the biggest change is that, inside, I feel like a different person. Or, it’s actually that I’m more me than I’ve ever been before.

Katherine calls herself a personal development nerd, and she is. The breadth of teachings and resources she’s gathered— and generously shares— is really something. It still surprises me how one person can offer so much support.

Linda Natanagara – Feldenkrais Practitioner – Articulate Moves


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