When I started working Katherine, I was always going above and beyond for people, but I still thought I wasn’t doing enough.

I couldn’t prioritize, and I was completely overwhelmed. I also felt numb. I think I knew that if I paid attention to how I felt, I’d realize that what I was doing wasn’t working. But I didn’t think I had other options, so I just avoided feeling anything.

With Katherine’s guidance, I reconnected with my body and learned how to identify what I need and what feels right.

I’ve gotten much better at not taking on everything myself and trusting other people to do things that I used to feel obligated to do.

Instead of being driven by guilt, I’m now guided by knowing my gifts and seeing where they’re most needed. I’m able to make choices that serve me and the world more, and I feel more confident about my decisions.

Katherine helped me realize that there would be opportunities if I stayed present. I was in this new mindset when I attended a training in a related field and realized that I loved it. It just felt right.

The work I did with Katherine helped me to recognize the importance of the moment and take a leap.

When I embarked upon setting up the new program, I didn’t feel tense or worried about an uphill battle (as I might have before).

Instead, I moved through the process with a sense of ease. If one step was a dead end, I didn’t need to keep trying to run through walls. Instead, I could just pivot and try a different step.

If I hadn’t had coaching as a source of support I might have missed the path that opened up to me.

Abby – Gender-Based Violence Systems Change Advocate


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