I’d known that my habit of working constantly was no longer sustainable or healthy, but I struggled to develop the protocols I needed. Then, the pandemic hit.

As the sole practitioner in a busy acupuncture practice, I had to pivot constantly to care for my patients: cleaning, rescheduling, holding space for the trauma of a pandemic.

A year and a half into covid, I was burned out and emotionally exhausted. I needed help!

But when you’re practicing alone, who do you turn to?

I found Katherine. I told her that I needed someone else to be in charge for a while, so I was hiring her to be my boss.

Katherine helped me discern which items to prioritize and hold myself accountable for moving projects forward.

I reorganized my schedule, revised my website and prices, set up a new accounting system and developed new practices to regain and maintain my energy.

Katherine helped me recognize what was holding me back from taking care of myself, address deeper lifelong patterns that led to overworking, and re-commit to a practice of self-compassion.

Less than six months after hiring Katherine, I no longer feel burned out. Instead, I’m in what feels like a whole new phase of my practice and am enjoying growing the non-work areas of my life.

I can’t recommend Katherine’s work enough!

Kathryn Cadwgan MTCM, L.Ac.


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