When I started life coaching with Katherine, I fit the definition of physician burnout. I was exhausted— physically, emotionally, spiritually. My compassion fatigue felt like an insurmountable barrier between me and those I cared for. And the healthcare system made me feel like a useless cog in a dysfunctional machine. These symptoms pervaded every aspect of my life— work, marriage, parenting. I didn’t want to be a doctor anymore, but I had no idea what else to do because I had never wanted to be anything else.

When I started working with Katherine, I was not only hopeless but I actually feared regaining a sense of hope. I thought that if I started to believe I could find fulfilment and a sense of peace, I was setting myself up for a huge fall, which I didn’t think I could handle a second time.

Despite my initial resistance, Katherine helped me ignite a tiny spark of hope. And this time it was not the naive hope of an idealist girl. It was a hard earned, realistic hope. I emerged from a dark tunnel of limitations into a wide open space of possibilities.

I had always thought I “should” have a yoga and meditation practice but never managed to stick with it. Katherine’s process helped me integrate spiritual practice into my life in a way that became self-sustaining, in a way I never could before.

I discovered that my body had wisdom and a language that I had been deaf to for so many years. Medical training, by poor design, forces you to divorce your mind from your body so that you don’t crumble every day in the face of pain and tragedy.

Katherine helped me to feel emotions again. Emotions like gratitude, joy, curiosity. She helped me unearth my personal intuition. I used to think that self-compassion and mindfulness practices were self-indulgent luxuries, but I discovered that they are critical in allowing me to care well for others.

Katherine’s process of asking deep, penetrating questions with unconditional positive regard and then using the answers to craft practical action steps did more in six months than years of therapy had before. She helped me discover that I already had all the answers I needed. I just needed a wise partner/guide to help me uncover them and accountability to help me put them into action.

I unequivocally recommend gathering the courage to reach out to Katherine. Even if you feel doubt that she can help you, I know you will be pleasantly surprised!

A Previously Burnt Out Physician Who’s Now Full of Joy and Life


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