Before working with Katherine, I felt burned out after decades of work as a teacher, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do with the next phase of my life. I tried reading books to get clear about how to move forward, but I still felt uncertain. Working with Katherine did so many things for me:

Katherine normalized my struggles, encouraged me, and helped me believe that I deserve and could achieve a more satisfying life. Her intuitive, compassionate approach made me feel like I had a friend by my side through this process of change.

Working with Katherine was like peeling an onion. I got past the surface awareness to discover the more foundational dynamics holding me back. So many aha moments!

Six months later, I am better able to sense what is best for me, what aligns with my guiding principles and what ingredients I need for my life to be balanced, satisfying, and meaningful.

I plan to continue using many of the practices Katherine taught me regularly, especially when I need to discern and take next steps.

My work has taken a different direction than I expected but that feels so right for me—pursuing a path in disaster relief work. And I am even more pleased with the unexpected growth in my understanding of myself and my relationships.

I highly recommend working with Katherine to anyone who wants to more intentionally move through their life—people who are looking to change careers, feeling like they’re in a “midlife crisis,” re-entering the workforce after taking time off to raise kids or be caregivers. Anyone who wants to understand themselves better and figure out how to make a positive impact while taking care of themselves and feeling wholeness and joy would benefit from reaching out to Katherine.

-Domi Long


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