I joined Katherine’s coaching group after leaving my previous job due to burnout and health issues.

I was unsure about my next career steps, and I needed help making decisions that supported my wellbeing.

The group meetings held space for open, vulnerable, and real sharing, and the regular reflections gave me the support I needed to shift tough long-term patterns into a new way of being.

During my time with Katherine, I started a new job, and I’m approaching it much differently than my previous work.

I am now committed to honoring my body’s need for rest and taking breaks throughout the workday.

I regularly get present, listen to what’s calling me in each moment, and make incremental shifts.

It’s now so much easier to live from my full body, not just in my head.

As a result, I have more energy and can better discern what my needs are, moment by moment.

Katherine genuinely cares about her clients and creates an intentional space for our growth and development.

It’s been such a treat to learn so many new tools, practices, resources and ideas to use in my own life and with my clients.

I highly recommend Katherine’s groups to anyone looking to overcome burnout, get clear around difficult decisions, and become the changemaker they’re called to be.

Cori Hall – Higher Education Professional


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