Katherine brings a keen sensitivity for needs of social change leaders and a unique ability to hold space for developing the insight and courage needed to take the sometimes scary steps forward.

The truth is, it can be lonely at the top of the organizational chart, especially when you’re taking on the toughest organizational change-management challenges.

When we’re pushing through the big leadership moments – and feeling our most vulnerable – leaders need thought-partners who can help us both keep our eyes on the prize and see our blind spots, in a compassionate and easy-to-act-on way.

I am grateful to Katherine for her skillful thought-partnership and ability to help me work through the challenging, sometimes painful, and essential processes of organizational change and transition.

If you are contemplating the leadership challenges inherent in taking a big leap forward, please call Katherine.

You, too, deserve the gift of her warmth and insight as you tackle the tough stuff.

Eliza Byard – GLSEN Executive Director


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