If I’m honest, before I met Katherine, the words that would have described my business were “side hustle,” “occasional gig,” or “hobby.” My business consisted of several small, occasional offerings, but it wasn’t sustainable, and I didn’t know how to turn my “hobby” into a thriving, sustainable practice.

I was drawn to Katherine from the moment I did the intake call with her. Her questions and listening revealed sensitivity and competence that put me at ease. What I discovered in working with her is someone who balances intuition and a practical understanding of business development. This balance of the intuitive and practical meant that she was able to help me see places where I was unconsciously sabotaging my goals and then provided the guidance to get me back on track.

If I were to point to one thing that really helped me to bring the work I am called to do into the world, it was the work I did with Katherine around my ideal client. As an empath, it was easy for me to feel my clients, but it was a very different challenge to articulate this in my writing. Katherine helped me approach my copy from the perspective of my clients, to read it through their eyes, feel it in their hearts, and most importantly, to speak it in their words. I am now able to write copy that speaks to directly their needs and can clearly articulate the change I bring to my clients’ lives. Thanks to Katherine, I design and sell programs that reflect who I am and what I bring to the world.

-Aitabé Fornés, Systemic Constellations Facilitator


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