Since I started working with Katherine, I’ve experienced many amazing transformations. As a holistic professional with altruistic motivations, I struggled for years with the belief that I couldn’t do well while doing good. After working with Katherine, I now feel like earning a good income from my healing work is both perfectly okay and very possible. This transformation in my attitude around money is such a relief after years of financial struggles and related inner conflicts.

Katherine also helped me to focus and prioritize. Before working with Katherine, I was just throwing marketing efforts out there at random to see what worked and wasting time, money, and energy without any clear idea of what was actually going to help me connect with new clients.  Katherine knows what works and what doesn’t and has helped me to get clear on the kind of clients I want to work with, how to reach them, and thus how to focus my efforts.

With Katherine’s coaching, I’ve been able to do things I never thought I would. She has a way of pushing me beyond the edge of what I thought I could do in a way that feels natural and right. After two and a half months of working with her, I am several giant leaps closer to where I want to be and feel like I have a clear path with all the support I need to get there.

Josiah Bouricius – Feng Shui Consultant –


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