I first came to Katherine after receiving hard-to-hear feedback on a 360 evaluation. I needed to learn how to slow down, listen more carefully to my supervisees and peers, incorporate others’ views and suggestions, and put people before process, especially when facing deadlines and time pressure.

I wanted a skilled coach who could help me see the habits and assumptions that kept me from showing up as my best self, and I needed to build skills in intentional listening.

At the beginning of my work with Katherine, we set concrete competency-based outcomes, a vision of what success would look like at the end of our coaching engagement, and a commitment statement: I am committed to pausing, listening carefully and discerning what is truly needed.

These clear goals and the cadence of our meetings and weekly journaling in my development plan helped me stay focused and develop new habits.

Working with Katherine, I made great strides in self-management. When I experience conflict or angst in a relationship, I am now able to separate facts from stories and identify my and others’ unmet needs. I feel much more comfortable in unresolved conflict, and I’m far more able to stay curious and show up with caring and compassion first.

Throughout my work with Katherine, we checked in with a team of six stakeholders with whom I work closely to gather their feedback about my progress. They all reported that they witnessed these shifts as well and my supervisor, Katherine, and I celebrated my success in a final meeting together.

Katherine is a very skilled coach who holds a wonderful balance of accountability and compassion. Her depth of knowledge in various frameworks brought me new awareness, and she identified just the right tools that I needed. In particular, the communication skills she taught me have been life-changing.

I enjoyed being in relationship with Katherine both personally and professionally. Coaching with her was truly a transformative experience for me. What a gift!

Jane – Assistant Vice President in Learning & Development at a Large Academic Medical Center


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