When I began my work as the director of a human services organization, it was fun, exciting, and challenging. As the program grew, the demands grew, and it felt like everything was always too much, too often, too many, or sometimes even, too few. I knew that something had to change, and I began to think the only solution was to leave.

Katherine helped me create space in my life, my calendar, my thinking, and my physical environment. My desk is no longer a cluttered, crazy-making thing, my calendar has blocked off time for lunch and massage, and I even rescheduled a weekly staff meeting to take a qi gong class. I have a sense of expandedness that I don’t feel compelled to fill up.

My life has a better flow now. I feel more grounded, more relaxed, and sometimes I can even let things just whirl. There’s an ease to most days, and I’m confident that I can continue to do this work as long as I choose to. And today, I choose this.

Sometimes, we need someone to give us permission to put ourselves back into the center of the equation in our own lives. Sometimes, we need a new pair of glasses, a new way of seeing ourselves and our work, someone to guide us in forming a new vision for ourselves. Katherine was this person for me, and I hope that she can be that person for you, too.

Linda Sarage – director of the RECOVER Project


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