For years, I was in the habit of investing too much energy ruminating over interpersonal conflicts and taking on volunteer or consulting commitments that took more from me than I got in return.

I’ve worked on these habits through a variety of modalities for over fifteen years, and it was time for another deliberate investment. I chose to work with Katherine because of her deep experience with the work of conscience and her heartful approach to the need for rest and recovery.

Katherine helped me to reach a new level of resilience, rest-easiness, and stamina in the face of adversity and failure. The bite-sized competencies we set helped me remain present in my body, and the weekly attention to building those competencies provided structure and familiarity that I relied on while we explored the unfamiliar ideas that came up in our coaching sessions.

Because we worked together both synchronously by video and asynchronously by writing, I could access our work together at any time. The structure of our work together became a profound resource, and I felt deeply connected to our thought partnership in a way that supported me to give ever more attention to my discovery process.

Katherine’s graceful coaching weaves together diverse dimensions of body, personality, and social relationship. Many people could self-help themselves to build competency along one or two of these dimensions, but few could self-help themselves to a course of personal discovery that is as comprehensive and coherent as Katherine’s coaching.

After several months of our ongoing dialogue, I’m more at ease within myself, more aware of myself as an emergent being, more conscious of who I am and of the mystery of who I am. I couldn’t have arrived here on my own, and I haven’t found many guides who could’ve helped me arrive here, either.

Tim Shores, Communications Specialist and Planning Board Member


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