I was just ending a contract with my corporate employer when my friend told me I should talk to Katherine. I had no experience as a business owner (“business” felt like a dirty word!), and I was trying to figure out what I truly wanted to do. Coaching was an investment I wasn’t sure I should make without a steady paycheck, but I realized that I couldn’t afford to not do it.

Before we started, I thought I might need to plug myself back into the corporate world, and I didn’t think I could create a business. Now, I know in my bones that I can build and lead a business. This is such a huge identity shift, and I don’t think I could have experienced this shift without support.

I had always thought of the professional world as non-emotional, but starting a business is such an emotional journey. The work with Katherine was a lot warmer and heart-centered and loving than I expected, and she provided a safe and comfortable place to come back to. I feel so much clearer now, and I have the tools I need to keep getting clear at each step of the path.

Kelsey Flynn – Comedian – kelseyflynn.com


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