When I first reached out to Katherine, I was building a private practice as a trauma healing practitioner and struggling to market myself consistently.

I felt overwhelmed trying to figure out which tasks to prioritize, and I hoped that working with Katherine would provide accountability—someone I could answer to each week to keep me on track.

While I thought our work together was mostly going to involve charting pragmatic actions to move my business forward, it ended up being so much deeper than that.

Yes, we outlined and executed countless concrete actions to develop and market my offerings—I launched a Trauma Sensitive Yoga monthly membership space, something

I never even dreamed of before collaborating with Katherine.

But, we also got to the heart of the inner dynamics that were inhibiting me from marketing myself consistently. It turns out, my inconsistency wasn’t laziness, but was tied to deep-seeded inner fears. With Katherine’s support, I was able to identify these fears and heal them.

As someone who has done a lot of inner work, the depth of the healing I experienced over just six months of working with Katherine truly boggles my mind!

After years of feeling creatively stagnant, it’s like the dams have opened and my creative energy is flowing freely and abundantly. I feel energized about my mission, excited to share through my marketing, and confident that I can steer my business forward as it continues to grow and expand.

I enthusiastically recommend Katherine to anyone who feels blocked or unsure about which direction to move in next.

Her holistic approach will help you get beyond superficial solutions, right to the heart of what’s holding you back.

It’s deep work that will transform your work and your life.

Elena Mamatas – Somatic Experiencing Practitioner & Yoga Teacher


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